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Workforce Investment Board Presents Year End Report

By Staff | Aug 19, 2015

County Commissioners met on Aug. 13, at the commission chambers in the Tyler County Court House. Rosemary Guilda from workforce presented the commissioners with the year end report which ended on June 30, 2015. The report showed that they had served 27 Tyler County residents, including three youths in the summer youth work program.

She reported that the rapid response program which helps workers who have been laid off and need retraining for other industry was well used in Marshall county as the coal mines of Murray Energy were hard hit by layoffs. This program is especially helpful in finding jobs for qualified workers.

Workforce also has a program called bridging the gap, the report states they have partnered with West Virginia Northern Community College, which is a college based program. This program has received a $36,0000 referral based award.

Guilda’s report showed all the summer work sites but there were none in Tyler County although they were able to help three Tyler County youths. She said Workforce was noted as a best practice by the U.S. Department of Labor for their work involving the youth programs. Especially helpful has been a new law that allows kids up to age 24 to participate in the program. Commissioners also heard from Sheriff Bob Kendle who said there had been problems at the fair with people running in and out of the county home. He said he would like to see the county take some action to secure the home to prevent it from happening.

Josh Fulks from the 911 center brought to the commissioners attention a request from Console Energy to lease a space on the tower for radios. He said he is not in favor of it and is still looking into it. Fulks said there is starting to be problems with Status Wave’s equipment now without adding to it.

Commissioner Eric Vincent said WV Hot Spot has used water towers to place their equipment and this could be an alternative option for them. He said Tom Hinton works for WV Hot Spot. Commissioner John Stender said he would ask a representative to attend the next meeting to discuss the available options.

Stender also gave a update on the 911 center. He said they have a quote from Miller Communications for $276,000 with a 30 percent upcharge. He said the CC is mandating a new law for citizens to be able to text 911 and the centers equipment is not compatible with texting.

Office of Emergency Management (OEM) director Tom Cooper was not present at the meeting but he left a letter concerning project life savor, he requested the need to replace and purchase some new equipment. The commissioners approved the request.

Commissioners also approved the budget revisions pending approval from the state auditor.

Tender said he had attended the W.Via., commissioners meeting earlier in the week, he also said there will be e a board meeting in September at Stonewall Jackson state park. He said one of the subjects discussed was a Nicholas County Administrator being sued over an issue and it appears Honoraries County is next.

Commissioner Charles Smith, said Linda Hendrickson from the Olive Branch stopped in. She said it is a federal requirement that there be a dog tax for breeder and no ordinance is needed. She said that is from the U.S. Humane Society.

Jim Hillman approached about the exterior of the extension office needing cleaned. He said it would be taken care of. Jackson Ayes, assessor, presented the exonerations and they were approved unanimously.

County Clerk Teresea Hamilton, presented the fiduciary report, commissioners unanimously approved the report.