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County Clerks Office Bustling With Activity

By Staff | Aug 19, 2015

Pictured in front row is County Clerk Teresea Hamilton, Second row L-R Front Office Estate Deputy Kristen Wise, Recording Deputy Sandy Thomas, Back Office Indexing Deputy Deputy Sarah Smith, Third Row R-L Election Deputy, Kim Louden, Book Keeping Office, Budgetary Deputy Amy Glover, Part Time Assistant, Brenda Moore. Photo by ED PARSONS

Tyler County Clerk Teresea Hamilton says it is an honor and a privilege to serve the citizens of Tyler County and those from surrounding areas who conduct business with her office. Hamilton says the courthouse is the hub of business in Tyler County and her office plays a major part in every aspect of that business. According to Hamilton the past few years have been extra busy as the oil and gas industry has filled the courthouse halls. Not only with abstractors researching land records but attorneys for the industry and landowners battling it out in the courtroom.

Hamilton says her office always has plenty to do and each one of her Deputies are assigned many different duties. She explained the front office has two deputies, the Estate Deputy is Kristen White, who handles estate appointments, bonds, appraisements, publications to the press, appointments of Fiduciary commissioners, claims and settlements which include (either waiver’s or reports of receipts, disbursements and distributions), prepares the Fiduciary report for the county commission meetings, scans estate documents, answers phones and records documents.

White is also cross trained in election duties and programs voting machines, maintains operation of the machines during election day, and enters the data into the computer from the machines on election night.

Recording Deputy Sandy Thomas also works in the front office. Her duties include recording documents, handling copy code accounts, works on the mail, answers the phone calls, prepares certified documents that need recorded, including birth, death and marriage certificates. She is also cross trained in the first of the month payroll, such as writing checks for the county commission, opening estates, and checks materials to be used on election day.

The back office is just as busy and includes Deputy Sarah Smith, who oversees all indexation of records, organizes daily documents, oversees property transfers to the county and state level, and distributes sales listings to the assessor, Sheriff’s office and state tax department. Smith also maintains the database server daily.

She is also cross trained in election duties of registering voters, helping to obtain election officials for election day, programing voting machines, maintaining operation of machines during election day, and also prints the data from the voting machines and compares it with the election official’s record information from the day election on election night. She also covers the office during lunches.

Kim Loudin is the Election Deputy, she registers voters either in-person, mailing, and DMV. She also schedules the voting precinct building (voting places), assists in training election officials, prepares the list of election officials working at the voting place, prepares the list for the election official who picks up and brings back the supplies on election day, checks materials to be used on election day, programs voting machines, prepares the payroll report for each election official and poll workers.

She also maintains files of absentee voters and is cross trained in recording documents and indexing them, making copies and covering lunches.

Budgetary Deputy Amy Glover, works in the bookkeeping office and prepares the bills for the commission meetings and distributes them after the meetings, she does the quarterly reports, gathers the materials needed for the financial statement for the county commission, gathers information for the commissioners at budget time, does the payroll for county employees, maintains employee files, serves as human relations contact for insurance and retirement, handles deductions from payroll, prints W2’S at the beginning of the year, does the payroll for election officials and handles grants for the county commission, plus takes notes at the commission meetings.

Glover is also cross trained in recording documents, registering voters in person, election duties, programing voting machines, maintaining operation of machines during election day and entering the data into the computer from the machines on election night.

Brenda Moore is a part time assistant for the clerk’s office. She scans all documents except estate, into the indexing software and copies the scans into books of various types, prepares the monthly fee report and distributes them to the proper agencies, Moore also indexes the minutes to the commission meeting and fills in when other front office employees are off for the day or on vacation. She is cross trained to open estates and record documents.

Hamilton said, “without these deputies it would be impossible to handle all the business of the courthouse, they are very good at what they do and most of them can do about anything I need done, they work as a team and are very proud to serve this county.”

“My responsibilities as county clerk are many and I take them very serious, with out these employees I just could not get it all accomplished,” stated Hamilton. As county clerk Hamilton oversees the duties of the deputies, see checks over monthly reports of fees collected by the county clerk’s office before they are distributed to state agencies and the county. She also checks over the fiduciary report to the county commission.

The clerk maintains two budgets, one for the county clerk’s office and the other for elections. She is responsible to oversee all employees time sheets, including the election official’s on election day. Her budget includes materials such as books and recording paper for the offices.

Hamilton said the county clerk is the Chief Election Officer for the county and therefore handles all operations of the election. Some of those include candidate filings, their financial reports, knowing who is to be on the ballot, the order of names, proofing the ballot with ballot commissioners, publication of the ballot and giving notice of the voting places along with training of the election officials.

Hamilton also maintains the county commissioners phone calls to the office, prepares their agenda for the commission meetings, takes notes and records their minutes, maintains the commissions files, prepares letters concerning commission matters and their appointments of board members of various county boards.

“With the amount of activity and business in Middlebourne and Tyler County, we are never without something to do. One of the proudest accomplishments of my office has been the digitalizing of the county books and our ability to work together along with the other county offices for the betterment of Tyler County,” said Hamilton