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Sistersville Council Eyes Semi Truck Issues

By Staff | Aug 12, 2015

Photo by Kayla Van Dyne Pictured is Sistersville Mayor Bill Rice and Recorder Chad Edwards during Monday, Aug. 10 meeting.

One of the issues that was discussed at the Sistersville Council, held on Monday, Aug. 10, concerned semi trucks driving on city streets.

Sistersville resident Louise Baldi approached council because semis are being routed by GPS systems to go towards the ferry as a way to get to Ohio. Once the semis travel down this road, often times there are issues with getting out. Semis then have to back up which in the past has caused damaged to signs, curbs and sidewalks.

“What I wanted to talk about is we have a problem in this town with tractor-trailers trying to get to Ohio through the ferry and the town can not accommodate the tractor-trailers. What they do is they come down Charles Street and make a left on Main and then they find that the ferry is closed. So then they make a left on Catherine and then they can’t get out of town,” Baldi said.

Baldi went on to say that the driver then has to back up all the way to the ferry, turn around and come up Riverside to get out of town.

In the mean time, they almost hit fire hydrants, signs and have been ran over the curb. Baldi suggested that some type of sign is placed on this route or the town finds a way to accommodate these trucks.

After discussion of if a sign would help and where to place the sign, council decided to further investigate this issue.

Another issue with semis in town jake braking. Council discussed whether to place a sign or to write an ordinance. In order for the police to be able to write tickets, an ordinance must be passed. Police Chief Rob Haught is going to look into the situation.

Mayor Bill Rice wanted to clarify that the burn pile was for Sistersville residents only. Lately, the city has had an issue with people from other towns bring in loads to dump of the burn pile.