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Street Repairs, Wages Dominate City Meeting

By Staff | Aug 5, 2015

Donna Giles, of Meadow Heights, appeared at Monday, Aug. 3., council meeting along with other citizens from her neighborhood.

During the period set aside to hear citizens concerns Giles questioned council as to why East Main Street had been completely paved and the road leading into her neighborhood at Meadow Heights continues to be ignored.

She said she has spoken on numerous occasions with city officials and has gotten nowhere. She pointed out she had taken her complaint to the past superintendent and more recently to Street Commissioner Josh Billiter.

Giles said her street is in horrible condition, she asked Mayor John Hopkins to take a drive and look at it. He responded he didn’t have to because he knows it is bad but the city just doesn’t have the funds at the present time to repave it.

Giles went on to say there have been people who have gotten flat tires and have ruined their tractors from the hitting some of the holes.

Recorder Tammy Billiter read a list of the streets that are in need of repairs and paving but again it was brought up they are waiting on the money to do it. Giles said they are not there to asked to have the street paved but only to have it repaired. Councilwomen Ginger Wilcox said it has been passed and approved to take care of certain streets and Meadow Heights is on the list. She said we should be able to do some patching up there within the next 30 days.

Kelly Schultheis, another resident of Meadow Heights also complained about the condition of the roads and asked if they had plans to pave it or just spot repair.

She was assured again it was on the list to be fixed. No definite answer was given to the Meadow Heights group and no action was taken on the matter. Commissioner Billiter said he would try and get to it.

Giles, next brought up what she said was and ongoing issue with water pressure in Meadow Heights. She said the pressure is so low she cannot even take a shower at times because there is not enough water to rinse the shampoo from her hair.

“I have called Charleston, to the Public Service Commission and was told we are required to have a certain amount of pressure but as Josh can tell you we don’t come close,” Giles said.

According to Giles this has been a problem for years and she has brought it to the city’s attention on several occasions with no positive results. She said the city has connected people to the line that don’t live in the city limits and it has caused the problem to worsen. She was told they pay for the water to and Giles said I do to and I live in city limits. She said she has had to replace her washer because of the low pressure.

Commissioner Billiter said the problem is the pump which supplies water to this area is not of adequate size to handle the load. He said it would not be cheap to replace the pump with a much larger one and the city would also have to acquire land for it, as it would need to be relocated. Hopkins said it was time to move on and no action on the matter was taken,

Council also held the first reading of an ordinance amending an ordinance entitled “Salary and Wages” for the City of Paden City to be effective retroactive to Aug. 1, 2015.

The ordinance would provide wage increases to most all city employees ranging from $1 to $2.50 per hour. Ginger Wilcox, read a list of the money spent from the street, sewer and water departments and also the Police Department Wilcox said if everyone would tighten their belts she believes this can be done without an increase to the municipal bill.

She stated we will wait six months and see what happens before considering an increase to the citizens. Hopkins called for a motion on the ordinance amendment to increase wages and salaries. Councilman John Staggers moved on the motion and it was seconded by Bob Postlewait.

Jack Cox a citizen in attendance called for a roll call vote on the matter which Hopkins approved. All six members of council voted for the amendment to increase the wages of city employees.