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Council Action Moving Forward

By Staff | Jul 22, 2015

Middlebourne town council moved forward with two new ordinances at there regular meeting on July 13.

Mayor Charles DeLauder presented council members with copies of two separate ordinances which would allow non-citizens of Middlebourne to participate on the library board and the parks and recreation board. He said it has become a problem finding enough people to volunteer, so this may make it easier as there are some people outside of the town limits who have expressed a desire to serve on the boards.

The original ordinance for the library was established on April 3, 1978 and was an ordinance to provide for the appointing of a board of directors to manage and control the public library within the town. The new ordinance reads that a board of directors consisting of at least five and not more than seven members, to manage and control said public library shall be appointed, at least four of whom shall be citizens of said municipality; the balance of whom shall be citizens of Tyler County, one shall be an ex officio member of the Tyler County Board of Education, appointed from its membership, with any remaining members to reside within what is known as the Arthur I. Boreman school district.

The ordinance establishes a seven year term for directors, with staggered terms so that one director expires each year on June 30. All appointments shall be made by town council.

The original park and recreation ordinance was passed on September 14, 1998 and provided for the appointment of the board of directors for the park and recreation commissioners. The new ordinance will amend the original ordinance and allow one member of the board of directors to be a citizen and resident at large of Tyler County and require for the member to reside in the Arthur I. Boreman school district.

The term of membership for each director shall be five years, with staggered terms so that the term of one director expires each year on June 30. Both new ordinances passed the first reading by unanimous vote of council. Also on Monday council held the third and final reading of an ordinance limiting parking on Dodd Street for 60 feet on the southern side of the street and the western edge of the driveway leading to a parking area for the Tyler Consolidated High School Soccer Field. The ordinance passed unanimously by vote of council.

DeLauder reported to council he had sent out two letters on unkempt properties and six letters on abandoned vehicles on city streets. He said everything has been taken care of except two vehicles and they have requested extensions. He also said ?The Bands on Broad Street? have kicked off and so far have had pretty good attendance. He said one night of music had to be moved to the senior center because of rain but there was still 40 people in attendance and the groups selling food have done well averaging around $200 per night.

DeLauder said work is progressing on filling potholes in town and if we could get one week without rain we could finish up the job. He also reported the town will be using high pressure water to clean out sewer lines during the month of August as a preventative maintenance measure. He said this will occur in the main lines and help to prevent any backups from those lines.