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Paden City Council Discusses Parking Problem on East Robinson

By Staff | Jul 15, 2015

Paden City Council, at its July regular meeting, unanimously gave approval for the city to draft a letter of waiver to the West Virginia Department of Highway (DOH) asking to allow the city to regulate parking on East Robinson Street.

The no parking ban is currently in affect because it is a state owned street and the DOH feels it is a safety hazard with traffic coming in both directions. Mayor John Hopkins stated residents want the parking ban lifted, he said they have no where to park unless they have a driveway or a garage. The street has curbs and sidewalks and is wide enough for traffic to pass but has a double yellow line which prohibits passing.

Council discussed the matter and with the main question being what does the residents want? Other streets mentioned were Fourth Avenue and rural street both of which belong to the state.

In other business, the park and pool report showed attendance has been low because of the weather. Also the pool chlorine pump had to be replaced. Mayor Hopkins stated the park and pool received money from the Wetzel County Commission and work had been performed on the girls softball field.

The Paden City Development Authority report was given by councilman and PCDA member Joel Davis, he stated they currently have around $38,000 in the bank. He mentioned the Wetzel/Tyler Health department has signed a one year lease re-newel and the authority has guaranteed a two year rate. He noted the industrial park may soon be leasing again to Steve Simpson and sons. He was advised to look into the matter prior to leasing. He also said there are currently only nine members on the board and interested parties can contact the development authority.

Council held the second reading of an ordinance that was first introduced back in 2013 but was never further acted upon. The ordinance was titled: An ordinance to establish pre-employment drug screening and testing for all new employees and providing for drug screening and testing of present employees holding safety sensitive positions. It was brought out that to apply for a certain grant the city must have a policy or ordinance that addresses drug screening, so this ordinance had held the first reading in 013. The second reading on Monday passed unanimously.

Approval was also given for the closer of Main Street from Third Avenue to Second Avenue and the south side of Main Street from Wesbanco Drive-thru to Third avenue for the annual labor day celebration. Council further approved the signing of a resolution of name change for Suddenlink and a franchise agreement for cable.

Mayor Hopkins read a request from several employees to sell back unused vacation days and for permission from some to carry over unused vacation days. The requests were unanimously approved by council. The first reading of an ordinance to raise part-time maintenance workers wages was held and passed unanimously.

Action was taken by council to address the way vacation time is allotted to new employees. At issue was how they are paid for holidays. the policy will be in order to be paid for the holiday an employee must work the day before and the day after to qualify. The policy passed unanimously.

Street Commissioner Josh Billiter brought up a request for the purchase of a skid steer. He said the city equipment is in pretty bad shape and if the backhoe would breakdown they would be out of business and have to start farming out the work, which would cost the city much more as time goes on. He estimated the costs for needed equipment at around $85,000. He said it doesn’t have to be approved today but he wanted to make council aware of the problem. Council took the matter under advisement and agreed to re-visit it at a later date.

Billiter also said he had received four quotes for materials only to repair and replace a water line on North 200 block of First Avenue from Stephen Street to Ann Street. The lowest quote was for $8,003.28 and the highest was for $10,500. Both quotes were for identical materials. The lowest quote came from Ferguson Waterworks in Marietta, Ohio. Council approved the lowest quote.

Also approved was the advertising of bids for an upgrade to the electrical service in the maintenance building.

Barbara Slider was reappointed to the library board and approved by council unanimously.

Council held discussion on a situation where police officers violate their employment agreement with the city. The violations occur when officers leave the department prior to filling the terms of their contract. The matter was sent to the city attorney. Also sent to the attorney was the recouping of money spent on uniforms for an officer who left the department in less than two weeks after being hired.

The next regular meeting of Paden City Council will be held on Aug. 3, 2015 in the council chambers at the municipal complex.