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Pitbull Owner Charged

By Staff | Jul 8, 2015

The owner of the Pitbull that was shot and killed by police, appeared in Tyler County Magistrate Court.

On June 29, Cory Williamson, 26, of 215 Klondike Ave., in Sistersville, was arrested by Sistersville Police and arraigned in before magistrate Michael K. Griffin.

Williamson was charged with two misdemeanor counts of harboring vicious dogs by keeping or harboring dogs known to be vicious, dangerous or in the habit of biting or attacking other persons, whether or not such dogs wear a tag or a muzzle. The offenses are alleged to have occurred on June 22, 2015 in Sistersville.

The complaint filed by Sistersville Police Sgt. Alex Northcraft states that while he was on patrol, he was dispatched to Klondike Ave. on a complaint of two pit bulls running at-large. A resident told Northcraft that Williamson’s pit bulls had killed her cat. Northcraft then went to the residence of the accused in an attempt to contact her and was attacked by a brown pit bull.

He then used pepper spray on the brown pit bull but the black Pitbull ran towards him barking and growling aggressively. Northcraft then fired two shots into the dog, which stopped it from attacking. Northcraft said he then shot the dog one more time to cease its suffering. According to police reports the two Pitbulls have been documented attacking people and other animals on five separate occasions.

Magistrate Griffin placed Williamson on a $1,000 cash/surety bond with a hearing to be set at a later date in the matter.

Gary L. Stewart, Jr., 30, of 1972 Oil Ridge Rd., Sistersville, was charged in Tyler County Magistrate Court with two felony counts of breaking and entering of the Little United Methodist Church. Both offenses are alleged to have occurred on or about May 3, 2015. Stewart was arraigned before magistrate Mary L. Dotson on June 23, and placed on a $5,000 personal recognizance bond. A hearing date has yet to be set in the matter.