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Local Business Owners Report B&E, Theft

By Staff | Jul 8, 2015

Owners of the Main Street Quick Stop in Middlebourne say someone broke into the business on June 27 and stole cash from a locked safe. Photo by Ed Parsons

A breaking and entering occurred at the Main Street Quick Stop in Middlebourne on Saturday, June 27, at 3:24 a.m.

According to owners Dave and Craig Furbee, the thief used a crow bar to pry open the front entrance door, which shattered the glass allowing entry.

The owners went on to say that once inside the business, it appears the entruder went directly to the safe in the rear of the store and opened it by knowing the combination to the lock.

“We have security cameras on each end of the building and they did show the individual breaking in but he had a ski mask and gloves on,” said Dave.

Craig said from the time the individual made entry until he left was just 32 seconds.

“He obviously knew a little about the business, including where the safe was and how to open it,” said Craig.

Craig went on to say that besides an undetermined amount of cash from the safe, nothing else appears to have been taken from the store.

“It was a quick get in and get out type of thing,” said Craig.

The breaking and entering remains under investigation by the local authorities.