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Dog Running at Large Shot and Killed

By Staff | Jul 1, 2015

Photo by Ed Parsons Pictured is the residence of Cory Williamson and her family.

Officers from the Sistersville Police Department responded to a call on Monday, June 22, that resulted in an officer shooting a dog.

Sgt. Alex Northcraft said, a complaint came in that several dogs were running loose in the area of Klondike St. and that one or more of the dogs had killed a cat and were showing acts of aggression.

Northcraft went to the area to talk to the owners when two large Pitbulls approached him in an aggressive manner, he said he felt he needed to take some defensive action to protect himself. He managed to pepper spray one of the dogs but the other one became more aggressive and he had to shoot it. Northcraft said the dog he pepper sprayed had visual claw marks on it’s face which were consistent with what he believes were from a fight with a cat.

Northcraft said it appears the owner of the dogs had left and gone on vacation leaving the animals in the care of another family member and they somehow escaped from an enclosure. He said this is not the first time he has been called to this residence about the dogs running at large, he stated it has been an ongoing problem and the owner has been cited previously in City Court, on more than one occasion.

The owner of the dog has been identified as Cory Williamson of Sistersville. She stated on Wednesday that she couldn’t understand why the dog had to be shot. She said he was the pet of her four year old and has never acted aggressive towards anyone. Williamson has two Pitbull mixes and two full blooded Pitbulls, plus one full blooded German Shepherd and one mixed breed German Shepherd pup.

She stated she doesn’t understand how the dogs could have gotten loose because she had them padlocked in a kennel. Williamson father-in-law was feeding them and giving them water and she believes someone came and pryed the padlock off. She also said her kids played with the dog and it never acted vicious or threatening and she doesn’t believe it acted that way against Sgt. Northcraft.

Sgt. Northcraft said when dogs are running at large they become a threat to the community and ultimately the owner is responsible, in this case it has become a habit and fortunately no one has been seriously injured or killed.

Sistersville Chief of Police, Rob Haught said the case remains under investigation and additional charges may be filed against the owner.