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Commission Approves Resolution for Industrial Park Access Road

By Staff | Jul 1, 2015

The Tyler County Development Authority (TCDA) appeared before the Tyler County Commissioners on Tuesday, June 23, asking the commission to pass a resolution which will allow work to continue on the Industrial Park access road located in Bens Run.

Eric Peters of the TCDA said the road is nearly 70 percent complete but due to soil conditions, the contractor, Kelly Paving, has presented a change order to the authority in the amount of $200,000 for more stone.

Peters said the grant is prepared but needs the commissioners to pass and sign the resolution in order for it to be submitted. Commissioners approved the resolution on a motion made by Commissioner Charles Smith.

Commissioners also approved the bid of $35,000 for a flood plain enhancement study. The study is to be done according to FEMA standards and is to be paid for by a grant awarded to the Office of Emergency Management. Commissioners also signed the grant papers to move forward with the project. Smith made the motion for approval and both commissioners present were in favor.

Luke Peters representing the (Route 180 South Project) and Bob Patterson from the Public Service District appeared before the commissioners to inform them of an archeology survey and environmental study that needs to be performed before the water project can be completed.

Luke stated that the study would be considered a phase one study and would cost around $3,900. He said they had received two estimates and they were there to ask the county to cover the costs so the project can continue. Smith moved to approve the funds and both commissioners voted in favor. Patterson thanked the commissioners for their support and said this will allow120 families to receive clean, healthy water.

Tyler County Prosecutor D. Luke Furbee, informed the commissioners that he intends to hire Diana Mace as the new Victim Assistance Coordinator effective June 23. He asked the commission to confirm the new hire. He also asked them to confirm as a part-time employee for his office Cheryl Ferrell, effective June 23. Both new hires were confirmed by the commissioners.

A $12,000 homeland security grant request from Tom Cooper’s Office of Emergency Management for training and table top exercises was approved by the commission.

Jackson Hayes, Assessor, presented the exoneration for approval and County Clerk Teresea Hamilton, read the clerks fiduciary report. Both were approved.