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Paden City Municipal Election Results Listed

By Staff | Jun 17, 2015

The City of Paden City held its Municipal Election on Tuesday, June 4.

The following is the results of that election:

First Ward for Recorder: Tamra Billiter, 14 votes

First Ward for Councilperson, Jim Richmond, 14

Second Ward for Recorder: Tamra Billiter, 16

Second Ward for Councilperson: John Staggers, 18

Third Ward for Recorder: Tamra Billiter, 15

Third Ward for Councilperson: 14

On Tuesday, June 9, Pine Grove held its election for mayor, recorder, and council.

The following are results of that election:

Mayor: Roy Justice, 30; Brian Price (Write-in), 19

Recorder: Rhonda Spencer, 37; Sherry Price (Write-in), 13

Council: Eva Adams, 29; Barbara King, 38; Julie Liggett, 33; Travis Villers, 24; John Hurst, 25

The results for Hundred’s election, held Tuesday, June 9, are as follows:

Mayor: Charles A. Sine, 24; Donna Himelrick, 32

Recorder: Sherry Hayes, 52;

Council: Keith Williams, 45; Michael Van Voltenburg, 43; Johanna Lemasters, 45; Brian Bartlett (Write-in), 26

At a later date, the council will seek, through a notice, a fifth member.

The Town of Middlebourne held its election Tuesday, June 9. The results were as follows:

Mayor: Steve Seago (write-in), 5; Charles Delauder, 41; Robert Riggs, 1.

Recorder: Susan Pelikan, 39

Council: Dave Myers, 35; Vera Henthorn, 40; Bill Jenkins, 28; Valerie McDougal, 22; Charlene Galluzzo, 39; Mike Galluzzo, 29; Brandy Frye, 27; Doug Doak, 44

Library levy: For, 45; Against, 15

Results of elections held for the Towns of Friendly and Smithfield were not submitted in time for publication.