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Citizen Complains About Stray, Feral Cats

By Staff | Jun 17, 2015

Middlebourne Town Council on Monday, heard from Vicky Keller, a concerned citizen over the cat problem in Middlebourne. Keller stated she was concerned with how you distinquish between feral cats and stray cats and pets.

She indicated she has cats and she keeps them in the house but there is a large population of stray cats roaming the area. She was very concerned about people trapping cats and then killing them. She said she didn’t know of anyone who does that but she said one man on council knows three people who do.

She voiced concerns over how to control the population of strays, saying she had researched on the internet the laws governing trapping and killing of cats. She said it is illegal and she passed out copies of the laws. After explaining she had spoken to a Sheriff’s Deputy about the situation, she said he was very rude and arrogant to her, and basically told her if a cat is on your property causing damage, then you have a right to trap. She questioned the Mayor and council about their intentions on controlling cats.

Mayor Charles DeLauder told her they would only be able to look into it and they have no one to enforce anything.

Councilman Bill Jenkins said he is aware of the problem and despite what people have said he has never trapped and killed a cat. He said he has a cat problem around his neighborhood and has only been trying to protect his property from damage. The council did not address the cat issue in it’s new dog ordninance.

Mayor DeLauder, said he has two feral cats and he didn’t adopt them, they adopted him. He admitted there is a problem but doesn’t have the answer at this time. He said the town would continue to look into it.

In other matters, council approved allowing the closure of a portion of Broad Street during certain evenenings throughout the summer when the Town in cooperation with Artslink will be presenting Bands of Broad. These will be a series of free concerts open to the public and held on Broad Steer at the Gazebo. The concerts are funded by a grant from the Stealey Community Fund.

“Come spend the evening on June 8, and hear the music of Bobby Maynard and Breakdown. On July 9, we will have the music of Todd Burge and on July 16, it will be the local band Common Ground. On Aug. 13, the Tyler Consolidated Band will perform and ending the summer series will be the A.I. Boreman Elementary Choir,” DeLauder said.

He also said food and beverage will be available for purchase from local civic organizations. If it rains, the site will be the Senior Center in Middlebourne.

Mayor DeLauder reported to council that the Town is changing internet providers. He said they are switching to WVHOTSPOT from Frontier and will realize a savings of about $200 per month, plus all city owned facilities will have free internet. DeLauder also said pothole repairs will begin Wednesday.

Council approved the purchase of a paint srayer to paint curbs in town at a cost of $400 and granted DeLauder permission to attend the WV Municipal League Meeting in Wheeling Aug. 3-6.

At Monday’s meeting DeLauder introduced Alex King as the towns new Park and Recreation Director. He said Alex is already making some changes for the better and is bringing some fresh new ideas to the community. He said he welcomes Alex.

DeLauder mentioned the grant for the water project is on track to be submitted to the USDA with the beginning of the new federal fiscal year for funding. He said he had also met with Lisa King regarding a source water protection plan, and it looks as though it will be quite extensive and require some funding to hire an engineering firm to assit with the development of the plan.