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Teens’ Crime Spree Ends in Sistersville

By Staff | Jun 10, 2015

Pictured are Rose May, left and Tristen Kindle. Both teenagers went on a crime spree that ended in Sistersville on Saturday morning.

At approximately 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, New Martinsville Police along with the Paden City Police Department attempted to stop a white pickup which they had reason to believe was stolen and had been involved in a series of crimes. The driver of the vehicle fled and a high speed chase ensued leading into Sistersville , where it crashed into another vehicle and Bon Bon’s Cafe.

The occupants who have been identified as 16 year old Tristen Kindle of Upper Sandusky and 15 year old Rose May, of Sycamore, escaped the vehicle and fled to the Ohio River where they jumped into the river trying to flee from authorities. After realizing they couldn’t swim all the way across, they turned back and were captured. All of this ended a six day ordeal that Police say involved at least two stolen vehicles, the theft of ammunition from an Ohio Walmart, an armed robbery and resulted in injuries to a Pennsylvania police officer. One police chief had called them “modern-day Bonnie and Clyde” teenagers, a reference to the infamous outlaw couple from the 1930’s.

The teens had been reported missing Monday, and family members had expressed fear for their safety.

The crime spree which spread across three states started earlier in the week. West Virginia and Pennsylvania state police are jointly investigating the crimes. It is believed the two hid out in the woods in Pennsylvania after stealing shotgun shells from a Walmart in Bucyrus about 20 miles east of Upper Sandusky, Ohio and then went to Elizabeth Township, where the P&W mini-mart was held up at gunpoint. That’s where an officer was injured after grabbing a trailer hitch and being dragged some distance before falling off, according to authorities.

Pennsylvania authorities said dozens of responders searched for the teens and a man hunt was conducted in Brookville, Pa, on Wednesday.

After being captured in Sistersville, the couple was taken into custody and booked. Parents of the teens were notified their children had been apprehended and they were traveling to New Martinsville, West Virginia to meet with investigators, according to the Sheriff in Ohio.

New Martinsville Police Chief Tim Cecil explained that he received a call from his dispatch that there was a stolen vehicle sighted around Duerr Street in New Martinsville. He said the suspects were armed and dangerous. Cecil said he left his residence and began to pursue the individuals. He said ONSTAR Vehicle Tracking was telling law enforcement where the suspects were at, which lead NMPD into Paden City and into Sistersville, in Tyler County, with Cecil and Officer Brian Owens in pursuit. Cecil said the duo went through the streets of Sistersville at a high rate of speed, continuing to accelerate before missing a turn and hitting a vehicle parked at Bon Bon’s cafe. Cecil remarked, “We had them into custody at 10:12 a.m.

Assisting with the investigation was the Sistersville Police Department, Paden City Police Department, New Martinsville Police Department, Tyler County Sheriff’s Office, and West Virginia State Police. Cecil said Wetzel County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Neff, along with NMPD Patrolman Bradley Mason, arrested the individuals.