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County Commissioners Discuss Health Clinic

By Staff | Jun 10, 2015

Linda Hoover and Nancy Haught, representing the Middle Island Health Services, appeared before the Tyler County Commission on Tuesday, May 26, to inform the county on the status of the Middle Island Health Clinic.

According to Hoover the clinic will be closing as of June 1, unless a doctor or practicioner can be found.

“Wetzel County Hospital is pulling out and will no longer provide services. We have been in contact with a provider and talks are under way, however if we can’t find someone we will need to close the doors,” Hoover said. “Since the commissioners own the building, we just wanted to make you aware of the situation.”

Commissioners were in agreement, that they would like to see the clinic remain in operation for the benefit of the citizens. Assessor Jackson Hayes, made a suggestion to the representatives of the clinic, saying he saw on television that WVU Hospital has a program where they try to provide services to rural areas. Hoover said she would be inquire with them to see what may be available.

Gene Watkins, of RAJCO, LLC, a company from Parkersburg, which provides auditing and reviews as a service to county governments and commissioners, as a way to save or recover money from utilities, such as telecommunications, solid waste or a variety of services. He said, they have worked with many county commissions in WV, and currently are under contract to provide services for Wetzel County.

Watkins said these are real savings, “We charge on a contiguous basis, we only get paid if we recover money for you, we will not be invoiceing you until the savings are realized. Our fee is 40 percent, but again we have to recover savings for you. We go back three years and look at the bills and try to find areas were we can recover over charges or mistakes.”

Watkins, said they have done work in 37 counties in West Virginia, and in Georgia and Florida as well.

“We look at the data lines and telephones and have been doing this for over 15 years, sometimes the savings can be quite large and sometimes they are small but almost always we recover savings,” Watkins said.

Commissioners agreed to look at the proposal and Watkins will return or call the clerk to see where they want to go with it.

In other business County Clerk Teresea Hamilton, presented the fiduciary report, which was unanimously approved. The next meeting of the County Commission will be held on June 9, at 9 a.m. at the Tyler County Court House.