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Elevator Malfunction Leads To Evacuation At Center

By Staff | May 27, 2015

What was originally thought to be a fire at the Sistersville General Hospital Fitness Center turned out to be a mechanical error with the elevator. According to Suzanne Heinlein, Fitness Center coordinator, the fire alarms went off and she (Heinlein) called 911. Area resident Bill Dawson reported that the hydraulic “leaked onto one of the panels in the elevator shaft. We evacuated the building and ventilated the building.” After Heinlein called 911, she started evacuating the building.

“The elevator had been acting funny all day,” Heinlein stated, adding that the elevator’s repairman had been called. However, the repairman lives in Charleston.

Heinlein states that she went to the elevator room and unlocked the door. However, it made such a loud noise she was afraid to go further.

“It looked like blue smoke and it smelled funny,” she added. “It was such a loud noise so I just called 911. The elevator is shutdown until the man can come down in the morning to fix it.”