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Students create wedding cakes

By Staff | May 21, 2015

Photos by Ryan Banta Simon Wirth and Ashley Lewis work on the top teir of their four tier cake while Skyler Cathers puts the finishing touches one of their double layer cake.

Connie Stewart, Instructor of Foods class at Tyler Consolidated High School, lead her class in a three to four day project which consisted of the planning, implementation and creation of two types of cakes, double layer and tiered wedding cakes.

Students were separated into 4 groups. Stewart said that on average, the three cakes in each group took a total time of 12-16 hours.

The students, which were separated into groups, were required to write a plan for each cake then they set the plan into motion.

They had previous knowledge on how to do double layer cakes because just the week before they had created double layer cakes for Mother’s Day.

While students made the cakes using boxed cake mix, the icing was made from scratch. During the planning phase, each group decided what colors were to go on each cake and during the implementation phase they used food coloring to create the colors with butter cream and fluffy white icing.

Joralda Rice works on her four tier cake.

In addition to learning how to create colors, they also learned various icing techniques such as the use of pastry bags. They also learned how to create flowers, leaves, shells, grass and ribbons. The groups learned timing and patience because creating these types of cakes does take time. According to Connie Stewart, after the cakes have been baked, they require a cooldown time of around 45 minutes before icing can be applied. Each student came up with their own designs during the planning phase. Students were allowed to take a cake home. Any cake that was left will be cut and divided into portions and served to staff.

Makayla Tracy and Katana Scheidemantel apply green icing to their three tier wedding cake.

Victoria Rudder and Paige Haught work on the creation of icing for their four tier cake.