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Health Dept. Funding Increased

By Staff | May 21, 2015

Tyler County Commissioners held their regular meeting at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, May 12, at the County Courthouse. Karen Cain, from the Wetzel/Tyler Health Department appeared before the commission requesting an increase of funding to cover costs of a rental increase at their location in Paden City. Cain said, the property is owned by the Paden City Development Authority and they have recently had a change in board members. According to Cain the board has been making upgrades to the property and has had all new commercial grade windows installed.

“They have passed on the costs to us and the rent has increased from $16,800 per year to $19,200s” she said.

Cain, requested an additional $3,600 from the Commissioners to cover the increase. Commissioners mentioned the importance of having the Health Department in the County and after some discussion it was unanimously approved to increase the funding as requested. Currently the Commission allocates $8,400 and it will now increase to $12,000.

Luke Peters, from the MOVRS seeking the counties approval for a resolution to move forward with the South Rt. 18, water project. Peters had been at the previous meeting to listen to public comments but no one was there to comment.

“This project would provide water to residents south of Middlebourne, to Boreman School, while also connecting to the 4-H and possibly portions of the campgrounds,” said Peters.

Peters presented the commissioners with a resolution to sign along with a prepared block grant application for $1,200.000.

He said these documents need signed along with a motion to move forward with the project. He mentioned the total project costs at being around $1,920,000.

Commissioner Charles Smith made the motion and it passed unanimously.

Commissioners approved a motion to move forward with accepting credit cards as a form of payment for the sheriff’s office which will also be used by the assessors office and the county clerks office. WVa., I-Pay was chosen as the provider for the credit card services. It still has to be arranged.

Tom Cooper, Director of the Office of Emergency Management informed the commission he is presently working on four separate grants. He said he has also been working with FEMA on damage from the March storms.

Commissioner John Stender, reported he had signed a contract with Ace Hardware for the purchase of a storage building for the 4-H camp. He said it will be hand built by a company out of Belpre, Ohio.

Commissioner Charles Smith read a letter from officials in Nicolas County commending OEM Director Tom Cooper for his expertise and hard work in putting on training sessions. It was also reported that Clayton Enterprises would be employed by the county to prepare the county’s financial statements at a cost of $2,500. Commissioners unanimously approved the motion to employ Mary Ann Clayton Enterprises.

Also approved were the minutes of the April 1, special levy rate meeting and the minutes of the April 28, regular meeting. Jackson Hayes, Assessor presented the exonerations which were approved and County Clerk Teresea Hamilton read the clerk’s fiduciary report, which was also approved. A motion to pay bills and correspondence was approved.

The next regular meeting of the County Commission will be held at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, May 26, at the commission office in the Tyler County Court House.