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Walkers seek venues, donations

By Staff | Apr 22, 2015

Pastor Gary and Carolyn Walker, residents of Paden City, continue to minister in Haiti nine months per year. They will be home from June to August and are taking invitations for speaking in local churches. If interested, call their office at 304-758-2213.

“I love what I do, and this summer we get to see people who have been faithful to support us year after year,” Carolyn states. “It’s always a joy to fellowship with everyone. We are so thankful for the Lord sustaining us all these years! I honestly can’t tell you how it’s happened or how we’ve been able to stay all this time.

“That’s not to say there haven’t been those days when we cried out to God for help and that’s not to say that we don’t continue to have those days of crying out,” said Carolyn. “He’s faithful. And I won’t move off that confession.”

Carolyn states that the Walkers’ ministry “started in spirit and it won’t be made perfect in the flesh but recently, a pastor said, ‘We have to find creative ways to raise money these days.'” Carolyn states that at that thought, her mind began to whirl. “I can’t come up with any ‘creative ways,'” she notes. “If anyone can come up with creative ways to raise funds for the following projects which keep dangling in front of our faces, let us know.”

The Walkers’ projects include the following:

Pastor Ceasar’s church roof, not completed. He had to increase the size of his church due to so many new believers. The roof is partially on. The rainy season is all but upon us, and he needs the rest of his roof.

Pastor Delson needs to enlarge his church. You can’t breathe in the current space due to so many people.

House of Hope must have a higher wall to keep out thieves and alleviate fear of leaving the staff there without Al’s protection this summer.

House of Hope Kids will have to attend another school in the fall that will require bussing and more tuition.

El Shaddai must be finished in the next couple weeks so the pre-school can move in, as rent will be due on the building they are in.

The Rice and Bean Program’s last deliveries will be made this month unless program is funded.

Curriculum for El Shaddai is needed for the new school year.

The Walkers states that their general fund “is squeaking.”

“Agree with us that God will meet these needs. If you or anyone you know would like to hear about what the Lord called us to do in this vineyard nearly 20 years ago, we would love to share with you,” stated Carolyn.