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Coalition changes name to add ‘Community’

By Staff | Apr 22, 2015

The Tyler County Prevention Coalition decided at their meeting Monday to change the group’s name to “Tyler County Community Prevention Coalition”.

Jay Otto, Research Scientist and manager for the Center for Health and Safety Culture at Montana State University, held a presentation on “Positive Culture Framework Training” which focused on improving health and safety in the community.

Funding options were also explored. The two main options explained were the yearly funding which required the approval of a memorandum of understanding and “as needed” based funding. According to the MOU,

Westbrook would serve as the fiscal agent for the grant, provide the staff to assist and oversee implementation of all aspects of the grant, provide all reports that would be requested by the Bureau for Behavioral Health & Health Facilities, and implement evidence-based programs within coalition counties.

Tom Cooper, director for the Tyler County Office of Emergency Management, noted that since the funding year starts in October, six months have already passed. Since the grant money is only for specified things, they would be hard pressed to use the funding this year. He suggested the implementation of as needed funding, which would require them to put in requests for funding for specific projects. He also stated that in going that route, the turnaround from the time of the request to approval could take anywhere from four to six weeks, so the requests would need to be put in as soon as possible.

The decision for funding will be discussed at the next meeting.

Emma Olaru talked about starting a Facebook page for the coalition. it was said that in order to start one, they would need to agree on a mission statement.

The current proposed mission statement says, “Tyler County Community Prevention Coalition’s mission is to prevent the misuse of prescription drugs, illicit drugs, underage drinking, and to promote overall well-being by focusing on the positive, raising concern for the issues, and providing hope for a better tomorrow.” Any desired revisions will be implemented at the next meeting.

Olaru stated she would be leaving the group. She put in her notice on April 14 and her last day is May 8. She stated that her reason for leaving is to be with her husband in Europe.

She also invited everyone to watch the webinar titled “How to make the case for prevention” which is posted on YouTube.