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Haught reappointed as police chief

By Staff | Apr 15, 2015

Mayor Bill Rice swearing Rob Haught in as Sistersville Police Chief at Monday’s City Council Meeting

Rob Haught was reappointed as Sistersville Chief of Police at Monday’s Sistersville City Council meeting.

Haught was initially given the position of interim chief after council members individually voiced their choice on the position at the November council meeting.

At issue has been the fact that Haught does not live in Sistersville. However, it was pointed out that he had previously served as chief for many years, while living in New Martinsville, A public hearing to pass the charter change removing residency requirements is schedule for April 18 at 1 p.m.

Water Clerk Valerie Northcraft shared with council that a family called the city building inquiring about filling an above ground pool with water. The pool was donated by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As possibilities were explored on how to get them water for either free or a cheap rate, Councilman Phil Konopacky stated he would put his monthly pay for being a council member toward the cost of filling the pool. Northcraft agreed to do the same, as did Mayor Bill Rice. After that the rest of the council, which include Harold Dally, Richard Long, Mitch Corley, Bonnie Hizer, Tonya Tippins, and Mark Klages agreed to donate their city pay. Additionally, Sistersville Police Officer Joey Richardson and Chief Haught donated to the cause.

Audist Pancake, chair for the Parks and Recreations Department, stood to give an update on the splash pad. It was confirmed that the deed for Hubbard Park was signed and they are waiting on Bell Chevrolet’s attorney to look at the deed and approve it. The proceeds from that go toward the splash pad. (For more information see the story on page 10.) Pancake brought the seven-page contract for council to look over, after which Mayor Rice stated it looked like a turn-key operation. Pancake confirmed that to be true. She said that it was their wish to have it all ready to go by May 23.

Also in preparation for summer, Pancake also said they sent five kids to lifeguard training; they all passed. Additionally, because of flood damage, Pancake expressed her wish that she and another maintenance worker, specifically Khody Wren, begin work at the park.. Pancake also petitioned for all park and recreations employees to have a 25-cent per hour raise, which was approved.

During the public forum portion of the meeting former Sistersville Chief of Police Ben Placer asked about a special committee meeting on April 6. He was corrected by Mayor Bill Rice, who stated that it was a personnel committee meeting. Placer asked if he was able to get the personnel committee meeting minutes. Northcraft said that she had written them up, but had not yet typed them. It was stated that the minutes would be handed out at the next council meeting. Placer then asked if the meeting was filed with the state’s registrar’s office. Rice responded that since it was a personnel committee meeting, they did not need to. But if it had been a special council meeting, they would have because they have to have a reason to hold a special council meeting.

Bon Bon’s Cafe and Bakery, located at 242 Wells St. in Sistersville, has requested a handicap parking spot as they get fairly busy throughout the day which can cause an issue for parking. They have a few handicapped customers that come in throughout the day. It would make it easier if they had a designated parking spot close to the door.

City Commissioner Daniel Grimes gave his resignation on March 22 to Mayor Rice. In a letter to the council, he stated he spent the last three years picking up where previous City Commissioner Allen Maxwell left off. He spent countless hours away from his family and it was time for him to take that family time back into his hands. His resignation was approved.

It was decided that Northcraft will stay on as part-time Water Clerk (she splits her time with the police department. Council will also explore the possibility of hiring another part-time Water Clerk.