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Council approves purchase

By Staff | Mar 18, 2015

Middlebourne town council on Monday approved the purchase of a Kobota All Terrain Side by Side Vehicle for the use of the city crew. The vehicle will be purchased from Clark’s at a price of $8,995 and will come equipped with a closed cab, plow, and dump bed. It will be used to help with snow removal and other general uses as determined by the city.

The recommendation of a replacement member for town council was tabled until the next regular meeting on April 21.

The council held the second reading of the floodplain ordinance to remove building permit fees and the second reading of an ordinance for a levy election was held. Both readings passed unanimously.

The third and final reading of an amendment to 8-44 town ordinance was approved unanimously.

The ordinance deals with town finances being deposited in government insured facility.

Mayor Charles DeLauder, gave council a report on the town water and sewer situation saying there had been a major water leak due to flooding. The city water line which serves Sellers Road washed out. The line follows the creek bank and as water receded it took the creek bank with it which left the line hanging in midair and causing it to break in two places. It is now necessary to move the line farther up on the bank in order to replace it. There are still several smaller leaks around town which need repaired and crews will get to them soon. DeLauder said, a sewer line plug on Dodd Street has caused a problem. He stated the line was plugged with flushable wipes, which was exacerbated by a number of downspouts entering the sewer lines in violation of city ordinances. These lines will need to be smoke tested.

The mayor reported, town Police Officer Cecil has been enforcing the stop sign violations around town and speeding on Dodd and Stealey Streets.

DeLauder reported on attending several meetings. He said, on Wednesday February 18, he attended the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council meeting in Vienna. He was given a summary of all the activities in which they are involved with in this area.

On Feb. 23, he said he attended the budget meeting with the state auditor’s office in Wheeling. The presentation was regarding liability of council members and budgeting for the 2015-2016 year.

DeLauder said, on Feb. 25, he and all water plant personnel met with Robert Hebb of Thrasher Engineering to review the preliminary engineering study for the water plant. A number of suggestions were made that they will research and let us know the impact of those changes.

DeLauder said, he spent the week of March 2, preparing the town budget, stating “it is a burdensome task and I wish they could simplify it.”

Council approved the reading of the previous month’s meeting and scheduled the next regular meeting for April 21, to allow time for budget work.