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Auditor gives Board of Education glowing report

By Staff | Mar 18, 2015

The firm that audited the Tyler County Board of Education gave the school system’s treasurer, Jeff Davis, a glowing report at their regular meeting Monday at Tyler Consolidated High School.

Chris Deweese, Certified Public Accountant with the accounting firm of Suttle and Stalnaker, appeared before the board to report on the board’s financial audit for the fiscal year 2014.

Deweese stated his firm has over 40 years of government experience and currently employs over 70 professionals, with locations in both Charleston and Parkersburg. He said they are one of the fastest growing CPA firms in West Virginia, currently the second-largest in the state, having been founded in 1973.

He told the board they had completed an independent auditor’s report of the board’s audit and have found it to be without fault. He commended Tyler County Treasurer Jeff Davis and the board on their timely filing of the audit and its completeness and accuracy. He said they had examined the financial statements and there were no difficulties encountered in performing the audit.

Deweese said his firm performs audits for over 20 county boards of educations, plus many schools, colleges, and universities. “Tyler County’s is one of the most complete and timely of all,” he noted. Deweese gave the board a breakdown of their revenues, expenditures, liabilities, and assets. He said the board was fortunate to have Davis as treasurer, as everything was in order and there were no misstatements or material weaknesses. He said many of the counties have not yet finished their audits and may not meet the deadline. Superintendent of Tyler County Schools Robin Daquilante, along with the board, thanked him for his work on the audit and for the presentation.

Davis then presented the board with an update on the financial condition of the county schools. According to Davis, taxes on the board’s overall assessment will see an increase of $134 million, while there will be a sizable decrease in state aid. The board unanimously gave approval of the proposed Levy Rates for Fiscal Year 2016. The State Tax Department generally approves the Levy Rates on by the third Tuesday in April.

Davis also informed the board that they are in need of a new maintenance garage. He said about four years ago they had started looking at ways to build a new garage, but ran into difficulties finding a suitable site and found that excavation costs were much higher than anticipated. He said things kind of came to a halt, but he feels it is time to start working toward the project again.

Amanda Kimble, vocational director for adult education in Tyler County, told the board there aren’t currently any non-staff education opportunities available for several reasons. There isn’t any money federal/state money allocated toward this type of education. She also said there would have to be an adult coordinator hired, who would create classes based on need.

There is staff development for professional staff and service personnel, she noted.

Kimble explained there ares Adult Basic Education classes available at the Mid Ohio Valley Technical Institute (MOVTI). (RESA) Regional Education Service Agencies also provide Adult Basic Education Classes at the First United Methodist Church in Sistersville. Classes are every Tuesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Classes include basic skills, GED, and computer skills, etc. Adults interested can call Paul Adkins at 304-588-1718 (cell) or 304-422-3489 (home).

Daquilante gave the board a list of the names of winners for the County Math Field, Day, County Social Studies Fair/National History Day winners, and the Regional Math Field Day winners.

The board unanimously approved the Tyler County Policy; IV Textbook Adoption. This policy deals with the adoption of a textbook series for each grade level, to be used as the official text. Susan Boyles, director of curriculum for Tyler County Schools presented to the board that the State Board of Education has classified into six related subject groups the elementary and secondary school subjects to be taught in all West Virginia schools. County adoption shall be made in accordance with the approved schedule and multiple textbook adoption list. A copy of the groupings for textbook adoption is available at the Board of Education Office and at each school.

The board approved the TCHS 2015 JV Football schedule.

Approval was given for the following trip requests: Joe Semple, TCHS art teacher, and Wayne Smith, TCHS band director, to take 20 students from the TCHS Art and Instrumental Music Departments to the annual Arts Alive event in Charleston on April 2 and 3, with bus for transportation.

Janet Cline, TCHS, FBLA Advisor, to take the club to the FBLA State Leadership Conference at the Charleston Civic Center on April 20 and 21, with bus for transportation.

Other requests approved were Sarah Morgan for her daughter, Lorelei Violet Haught, to cross county lines in order to attend Tyler County Schools for the 2015-2016 school year, pending approval from the Wetzel County Board of Education.

Emmalyn Olaru, to use the old board of education office to hold a Tyler County Prevention Coalition meeting on March 29.

Katrina Byers, to use the old board of education office to hold a Tyler County Family Resource Network Board Meeting on March 20.

Ashley Moore, Tyler Consolidated Middle School TSA Advisor, for Charles “Matt” Moore to be the male chaperone for the TSA State Conference from March 26-28, 2015.

Personnel requests approved: Jerry Zwick for an extension of his leave for the purpose of infant bonding, returning to work on March 16.

Employment and transfers approved: Renew of probationary professional and classified service personnel contracts for the 2015-16 school year per 18A-2-8a and 18A-2-2 as follows: Professionals, Robert Schupbach, Mandy Fetty, Jacob Myer, Rebecca Childers, Jeffery Wittmer, Lori Franks, Abram Negie, Amy Yost, Jason Roberts, Jennifer Stephens and Brenna Hagerty. Classified Service Personnel, Joseph Kester II, Martin Parrish, Shawna Griffin, Amanda Spencer, Sandra Cochran, Brendan Negie, Alexis Billings, Melissa Snyder, Patrick Shepherd, Christina Wilkinson, and Elizabeth Al-Janaby.

Re-employ and award continuing contracts to professional and classified service personnel for the 2015-16 school year per 18A-2-2 and 18A-2-6 as follows: Professionals, Mandy Ware, BSN, RN, David Tucker, Abby Robinson, Tanya Cross, Maggie Fisher, Chad Gruber and Angela Watts. Classified Service Personnel, Kenneth Thomas, Stacy Roberts, and Aundie McMullen.

The board approved Davis as treasurer for the Board of Education per 18-9-6.

The board approved the following professionals for re-employment as central office administrators for the 2015-16 school year: Susan Boyles, Duane Dober, Amanda Kimble, Troy Smith, and Melinda Walton.

Erica Grimm, was employed as substitute teacher, countywide, effective March 17.

Lori Franks was approved for transfer from general science teacher at TCHS to Biology, Human Anatomy, and Physical Science Teacher at TCHS, effective July 1.

Tracy Koontz was approved to fill a temporary vacancy as Cook II at Arthur I. Boreman Elementary School, effective March 17.

Krista DeVaughn, Sistersville Elementary School principal, was approved to take fourth and fifth grade choir students to TCHS on March 18 for the All-County Choir Concert dress rehearsal with bus for transportation.