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Heroes Day to be set statewide

By Staff | Mar 11, 2015

It appears as though a day of honor for emergency personnel that started in Sistersville will be a statewide observance soon.

Rev. Bill Dawson, who started Heroes Day, stated at Monday night’s Sistersville City Council meeting that he received a call from Charleston, W.Va., saying the statewide recognition is on the horizon. He said they are going to sign a resolution setting it for the second Saturday in September throughout the state.

While it is not official yet, Delegate William Roger Romine stated that he has several sponsors for the resolution and he has heard nothing but things of the positive nature. It will be set for Sept. 12 of this year.

“I want to throw that date out there now because I’m going check and see if (Mayor) Bill (Rice) could write a letter to invite the governor, since this is going to be a statewide thing,” said Dawson. “I’ll be calling on different folks for the city. Valerie (Northcraft) helped out last year. I’m gonna try to get volunteers so that we can make this a big thing since this is the first year for it (statewide). They said charleston will be contacting the city to get background information for Heroes Day for their records and hopefully this is just the beginning and thank you all for allowing us to do that.”

In another matter, Jessica Swofford asked council for an update on the house located at 120 Virginia Street. She stated it is a hazard in the neighborhood. Mayor Rice noted that the bottom floor was boarded up and the most the city could do was preventative maintenance like mowing and spraying for weeds. He also stated that they would look into it and see what else they can do, since it was indeed a hazard.

Swofford later mentioned a recycling project, noting they formerly had curbside recycling attached to Wetzel County, but it was abandoned because of financial issues. She noted there was a drop off station, which is where she proposes to start.

“I did a cost benefit analysis based on previous participation in Tyler County and divided that by the number of residents within Sistersville and averaged it out with how many Americans participate and the amount of poundage that are used,” explained Swofford. “After two years, if we were eligible for this recycling grant which is $70,000, we will have a surplus of $3,500, that is with the purchase of a vehicle and a trailer. So that’s something i would like to maybe work with someone with the city and getting accomplished this year.”

She went on to state that the funding will be available every other year.

In the meantime, those wishing to recycle can drop off recycling every Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Wetzel County Solid Waste Authority located at 250 North Street in New Martinsville, beside the railroad tracks.

Audist Pancake brought forth a complaint saying that several people have come to her recently that a lot of the business fronts have not been keeping their sidewalks clean. A gentleman had a very hard fall the other day resulting in being hurt very badly. While he refused to go to the hospital, it happened in front of the store front. It was noted that property owners are responsible for keeping their sidewalks cleaned to reduce the amount of falls and injuries.

Pancake, with the Parks and Recreations Board, went on to note that on March 21 there will be wrestling from 2-4 p.m. at the James E. Willison Family Center. All proceeds will go to Relay for Life.

Prisoners will be doing painting in the gym along with painting the bathrooms and the hallway of the pool.

Applications are being accepting for all positions for the park and pool. Life guard training is to take place March 28 and 29 in Moundsville. Four Seasons is providing the pool free of charge for the training and the training will cost $165 per person. Pancake went on to state that five employees from last year will be returning.

Bids are also being accepted for the construction of the splash pad in the pool area. Mayor Rice stated that they raised $50,000 toward the splash park and they are currently working on bids to get it built. It will be installed before the pool opens.

Rice said that recently, due to the weather, it was discovered that there were a few houses that did not have shut-off valves installed in the home. From now on, there will be a $25 charge for any call outs that involve a water shut-off due to leaks for houses that do not have a water shut-off installed. “It’s not a big deal to put in a shut-off. All you have to do is cut a pipe and put it in,” said Rice.

Councilman Phil Konopacky stated, “If anybody has driven through Paden City or St. Marys, they understand how bad the potholes are, i just want to commend our guys, they have really kept up. i have nothing but complaints going either way and i have heard no one complain about driving through here.”

The Sistersville Community Service Organization requested use of the park for an Easter Egg Hunt April 4. They also went on to state that if the park is too wet on that day, the backup will be the gym. The Picnic in the Park was also said to be scheduled for July 5. Both requests for use of the park were approved.

Sisters Fest is set to be held for March 20 and 21; a parade on March 21 was approved by council. The Alumni Parade, which is to be held May 23, will have the theme of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and was also approved by council

The City Planning Commission stated that in support of the ferry, they agreed to pay the outstanding fuel bill. They also agreed to pay for the paint for the gym.

After some discussion, it was decided to not go into executive session in order to speak about personnel issues.

On March 6, Kari Huffman sent in her resignation letter, which was to go into effect March 12. Her resignation was approved.

That creates an opening for City Recorder. A special meeting will be held Saturday at noon where councilmembers will nominate people for the position. They anticipate appointing someone during that meeting to fill the recorder’s position.