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Paden City sets clean up day

By Staff | Mar 4, 2015

Paden City’s community clean up date will be set for April 18. The schedule was set at Monday evening’s council meeting after some discussion.

Pine Grove’s community cleanup is set for April 24, while New Martinsville is set for April 11. Due to April 4 being Easter weekend, they decided to not schedule a community cleanup then.

The Wetzel County Solid Waste Authority will pay for the roll-off dumpsters while the city will pay for the workers and the loading equipment. Prohibited items include televisions, tires, and paint. A tip that was given for paint is to fill it with kitty litter and let the litter soak up the paint. Once that happens, it will no longer be a liquid but a solid, which will enable residents to put it out for trash pick-up.

The council took action Monday to move the telemetry from the city building to the water plant at a cost of $1,100. Labor will cost an estimated $1,000, with another $100 for material. It was explained by Mayor John “Hoppy” Hopkins that it would be more efficient at the water plant. When it was first placed at the city building there were people at the building 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but since that is no longer the case, the telemetry would me moved to the water plant.

Music in the park was also another topic of discussion. As of now, eight bands have been scheduled and $740 have been raised.

Jim Bowen, Doug Patterson, and Kim Frum were appointed to be on the Paden City Development Authority. Also, Kim Frum and Melissa Thorn were approved to be ballot commissioners.

The second reading of ordinance 1721.01 “Permits Required” was approved unanimously. It reads, “It shall be the responsibility of the recipient of the permit to contact ‘Miss Utility’ before any construction or demolition nay take place.”

Another ordinance for which council held a first reading at their Feb. 2 meeting was 305.08 “Two Hour Parking Zone And No Parking Zone.” The second reading and unanimous adoption was held during a special meeting held Feb. 19.

The ordinance prescribes that there is to be no parking on the east side of south Fourth Avenue from Adams Street to Washington Street, along with the west side of Fourth Avenue in front of the Paden City Development Authority H&R Building, excluding the parking designated for handicapped parking. While council had done this years ago, at some point the signs had been taken down. In an effort to be safe, council decided to put the parking restriction into an ordinance.

The council decided Monday to purchase two animal traps for $30 each. They will be used to trap animals like raccoons, groundhogs, and possums. A sign out system was also discussed in order to keep track of who has it and for how long they have had it. The sign-out system will consist of the individual writing down their name, a contact number, an address, and a due date of when it needs to be returned. There will be no cost to borrow the traps.

Burning season is set to start March 15 and it is to last through April 30.