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Coalition unites for a purpose

By Staff | Feb 18, 2015

The newly formed Tyler County Coalition has the goal of impacting the community in a positive and healthy manner and relies on the notion of hope.

The Tyler County Coalition is a group of people who are united for a single purpose-the vested interest of helping prevent others from experiencing addiction and its consequences.

When the idea was brought up to give the coalition a more descriptive name, Katrina Byers, director for the Tyler County Family Resource Network, suggested it be simply called, “Tyler County Prevention Coalition.” While there was no opposition expressed, the group decided to wait on the name determination until more members were present.

Emma Rucker explained the Partnerships for Success-Strategic Prevention Framework grant on which she is currently working. She noted that her focus would be on underage drinking, even though the coalition will have a much broader focus. It is a federally funded effort which spans five years. Twelve high-need counties will be selected-two counties selected in each of the six regions.

The main focus will be underage drinking in Tyler County. +A series of assessments will be conducted, some of which have already been completed. In September, there were 16 key leaders that were interviewed.

In December, law enforcement surveys were administered. Other assessments that will soon take place are the hosting of community dialogue, reviewing youth data, and the review of local needs.

Rucker stated the core assumption is that positive exists in the community and it is worth growing. The positive community norms framework, which has been changed to Positive Culture Framework, is an approach to improve health and safety in communities. PCF integrates leadership, communication, and prevention portfolio integration across the social ecology to improve health and safety. The PCF is based on several theories that have extensive track records on psychology and health education. This includes Adlerian psychology, which was developed by Alfred Adler who believed it was imperative to become intimately familiar with an individual’s social context by exploring a few factors which included birth order, lifestyle, and parental education, while believing that each person strives to belong and feel significant. It also includes social ecological theory along with social cognitive theory, reason action theory, planned behavior theory, normative theory, and transformational learning theory. The PCF training will be held by Jay Otto on April 20.

Nancy Creighton shared her plan to develop a project for mental health and substance abuse awareness. This project would include two parts. The first part would consist of youth being given blank cards where they can display a secret. These cards would then be mailed anonymously to Westbrook in Parkersburg. The second part will consist of adults creating positive messages for youth. These will be collected by Westbrook who will then pair the positive messages with the secrets to create displays that will be showcased across eight counties. The members of the coalition agreed upon the idea, stating that Tyler County would be willing to participate.

Several training opportunities were suggested by members which includes PIO Class training, RRR Suicide Training, and Trauma informed Care Training. Nancy Creighton announced she would be holding the RRR suicide prevention training for the region in March.

It was decided by the coalition that a small executive group would meet to further work through “The Community How To Guide On Coalition Building” handbook along with developing a complete and thorough work plan. The meeting was originally set for Feb. 13, but was then rescheduled for Feb. 16. However, weather conditions necessitated its cancellation. It is set to be rescheduled at a later date which is to be discussed at the next meeting on Feb. 19 at 6 p.m.