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Two set for trial in circuit court

By Staff | Feb 11, 2015

Gary L. Willey II, 33, of 145 Dry Run Road, Sistersville, and currently incarcerated was in court on Monday before the Honorable Judge David W. Hummel Jr. Willey appeared alongside his attorney John Gainer of the public defender corporation for a scheduled hearing on pre-trial motions.

Willey was charged by the October term of the Tyler County grand jury in a five-count felony indictment alleging illegal drug activity involving methamphetamine. The offenses are alleged to have occurred between May 26 and July 27, 2014 in Tyler County.

Willey pleaded innocent to the charges on October 29, 2014, in Tyler County Circuit Court before Judge Mark A. Karl. After trying to reach a plea on several occasions, unsuccessfully, the case is now before Judge Hummel who set a trial date of Feb. 24. Prior to setting the trial date Judge Hummel said, “Manufacturing of methamphetamine will not be tolerated in our community. You manufacture meth; you go to prison.” Hummel ordered the parties to return to court on Feb. 24 at 8:30 a.m. prepared for trial.

Shelly R. Davis, 43, of Third Street, Middlebourne, also appeared in court with her attorney, Dreama D. Sinkkanen, for a scheduled hearing on pre-trial motions. Davis is accused in a two-count felony indictment charging her with the offense of conspiracy to commit an offense against the state by conspiring with others for the purpose of manufacturing methamphetamine. She is also accused of the felony offense of possession of precursor with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine. Both charges are alleged to have occurred between Oct. 22, 2012, and Aug. 28, 2013, in Tyler County.

Judge Hummel ruled on motions Monday that certain statements by the defendant were given voluntarily and the evidence was admissible. He set a trial date in the case for Feb. 24. He said the parties would be notified as to which trial would be first.