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Shriver sentencing pass until March

By Staff | Feb 11, 2015

The sentencing of Howard Paul Shriver, 35, of Shinnston, was not given Thursday after a post-trial hearing in Tyler County Circuit Court.

Shriver was found guilty on Jan. 9 of several felony charges including attempted murder in the second degree.

The Honorable Judge Mark A. Karl, who presided over the trial, said he had set the hearing for discussions regarding the pre-sentencing report. He then asked the parties if there was anything they wished to put on the record regarding the report. Defense Attorney Jay Gerber said he had nothing to add and Prosecuting Attorney D. Luke Furbee said at this time he is satisfied with it.

Judge Karl was given a number of letters from the Gump family testifying to the character of the defendant. He asked Gerber and Furbee if they had seen the letters. Gerber said he had and Furbee said he had just received them and had not had an opportunity to go over them.

“What I proposed to do is take up a couple of motions Mr. Gerber has filed on Shriver’s behalf. One is to dismiss the indictment,” said Karl. He asked Gerber if there was anything he would like to add, Gerber said there wasn’t. The judge felt the motion was quite thorough. Karl said the other motion is for the finding of the court of an acquittal. He then asked if there was anything Gerber wished to add to the motion requesting a new trial, to which Gerber answered, “No your Honor.”

Prosecutor Furbee said, “Your Honor, I do have some arguments by way of response. The one motion is predicated on the grand jury and before I respond I would like to ask to have the court room cleared. Judge Karl ruled the court room be cleared with the exception of security.

Upon returning from closed session, it was learned the motions will be taken under advisement by Judge Karl and a return date of March 5 was set to rule on the motions and for possible sentencing.

Shriver was remanded to jail pending the March 5 hearing. Shriver is facing a possible sentence totaling more than 40 years. He has been found guilty by way of a jury trial of burglary, violation of a protective order, two counts of retaliation of a witness, unlawful restraint, three counts of domestic assault, destruction of property, and the attempted murder charge.