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Law appreciation gain momentum

By Staff | Feb 11, 2015

Valerie Northcraft, spokeswoman for Wives Behind the Badge, addressed Sistersville council meeting about the police appreciation day which is to be held Feb. 19. Northcraft does not have any more ribbons to display due to them all being sold. However, an alternative is to display blue in other ways such as blue shirts, jeans, buying their own ribbons, or other decorations that are blue to show their support and appreciation.

Northcraft said, “This is something that has blown up into something bigger than we ever planned.” She went on to talk about the memorial taking place at the capitol to honor the officers that have been injured or killed in the line of duty. Ten officers have been killed in the last decade in West Virginia alone.

She stated that it is all to raise money for Wives Behind the Badge while also being a way to show officers that they not only have appreciation, but also support.

Tonya Tippins stated that whoever chairs the committees and the boards needs to contact members when a meeting is cancelled. She also stated that what is going on at the moment is that it is being pushed on to one person and that person pushed it onto another and then it never gets done. She expressed her opinion that it is the chairperson’s responsibility to make those calls. She recounted a previous experience where a meeting was cancelled but since she was not notified, she arrived to the meeting that was not being held and was present for around 15 minutes before being informed by a present individual that it was not being held. Mayor Bill Rice stated that he agreed with that and would do what he could to ensure that it would not happen again.

The ferry board is exploring options to keep the ferry open. The ferry board had talks with Eric Peters who is a member of the West Virginia Public Port Authority. The possibility of putting an application in with the port authority for emergency funding was discussed.

Mayor Rice gave an update involving the possibility of using Monroe County water as the city’s back-up water supply. They are still trying to get in touch with Jim Murray to try to get a Certified Public Accountant on the West Virginia side for a cost analysis. Rice went on to state that they did have one but since he was only licensed in Ohio, they were unable to use him. The original plan was to split the cost of the study, but due to the West Virginia law, they were unable to do so. While Ohio is not currently ruled by a Public Service Commission, West Virginia is. Rice said that once they get something from Murray, they can begin to move forward.

Hubbard Park is set to be sold on the City Hall steps on Feb. 21 at noon and the proceeds are to be used for the splash pad at the city park.

Councilman Harold Dally stated that the situation involving Paul Southerly needs to be handled. He also said that the situation was put off for far too long and they needed to come up with an answer.

Southerly had appeared at the January meeting complaining that his for a 25-cent raise were only to be consistently delayed. He told council he had been employed by the city for more than eight years and the only increase he received was when minimum wage went up at the first of the year.