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Cramer announces his candidacy for circuit judge

By Staff | Feb 11, 2015

Marshall County Prosecutor Jeffrey D. Cramer has announced his candidacy for the 1st Division Circuit Judge of the 2nd Judicial Circuit for the 2016 Democrat Primary Election.

Cramer is running because he knows experience matters. Having served over 15 years in the Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office, Cramer said he has the leadership, first-hand experience, and commitment required to serve the people of the 2nd Judicial Circuit.

Cramer is aware of the changes that his community has gone through in recent years. “The oil and gas industry has presented our communities with great opportunities, but also great challenges. Very important legal issues in the oil and gas field will be determined by our courts in the next decade.”

The illegal drug epidemic that currently faces our communities is another issue about which Cramer feels strongly. “From families torn apart by addiction, to outsiders trafficking drugs in our backyards, there is little I have not seen. The overdose death rate in our community is completely unacceptable. My message has been clear: if you involve yourself with drugs and the people who sell them, you will be held accountable,” said Cramer. In August 2014, Cramer received an award from the U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration for “outstanding contributions in the field of drug law enforcement.”

Cramer promises a solutions-driven approach from the bench, which his knowledge from serving on the WV State Prosecuting Attorneys’ Association Board, the Board of Directors for the Marshall County Drug Task Force, and his experiences as prosecutor will provide. “It is important to differentiate between penalizing those bringing drugs into our communities and rehabilitating the users among us to decrease drug demand.”

“Justice must be handed out timely, fairly, and with integrity. My promise to the people of Marshall, Wetzel, and Tyler counties is to do just that, to work hard every single day and maintain a just, level, and respectful courtroom.”

Cramer is also a dedicated volunteer with a deep sense of service to his community. He coaches and supports little league baseball and elementary school basketball. He serves as a member of the Bishop Donahue Athletic Board, Moundsville Lions Club, as well as other fraternal and charitable organizations.

Jeff and his wife Denise reside in Marshall County with their son, Luke.

Cramer has named attorney, Jonathan Turak of Gold, Khourey & Turak as his campaign manager and treasurer.