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School board discusses facilities use

By Staff | Feb 4, 2015

Board member Scott Strode expressed concern at Monday’s meeting that the Tyler County Board of Education may have gone against its own policy at a previous meeting by denying a youth volleyball team made up of Tyler Consolidated High School volleyball players use of the school gym.

His concern was that at the same meeting the board had approved the use of school facilities for an adult group, while denying the youth. Superintendent Robin Daquilante said she believed they had voted to deny the volleyball team because there was not any school employee willing to chaperone. She also mentioned that the team was made up of volleyball players who had to try out and she felt it could be a violation of West Virginia Secondary Schools Athletic Commission (WVSSAC) rules to use the high school gym on a Sunday, as requested by the group.

Strode said he felt other teams have used the school facilities as a team out of season. Board Member Jimmy Wyatt said it would be against WVSSAC rules and, after some questioning from Strode and Board President Bonnie Henthorn, Wyatt gave them the telephone number of WVSSAC Executive Director Gary Ray. “Instead of wasting all this time, just call him and ask if it’s allowed,” said Wyatt.

He also offered that there is a three-week period in the summer that the coach is allowed to be with his players out of season. Superintendent Daquilante said the board would not approve the use of any of the school’s facilities for a team made up solely of players in any sport to practice or compete out of season. It was mentioned that team players may get together and play by using other facilities, but not on their home fields or courts. It was also brought up that by allowing the team made up solely of high school players to use the school’s facilities, it gives an impression that the board is endorsing out of season practice. Wyatt, again, stated that calling the SSAC would be the best way to get the question answered.

Superintendent Daquilante, gave a rundown on the days that have been missed so far for weather-related school closings and delays. She said the spring break is still “up in the air” and they are hoping there will be no more closings. She mentioned the other three counties who share the Mid Ohio Valley Technical Institute are all planning on preserving spring break. She said, “We need to try and do as they do to allow our MOVTI students to have the same instruction days as the neighboring counties.”

There have been eight days missed so far due to the weather. Daquilante said she had said they would go ahead and use spring break as instructional days, but that is not what the other three counties are planning on doing. So she said she believes Tyler County should “jump on board with the other counties and try to preserve what we can of spring break.”

Approval of requests:

J.C. Kimble, TCHS Technology Students of America advisor, was given permission to take 50 students to attend the TSA Spring Conference at Cedar Lakes from March 26-28, with buses for transportation. He was also granted his request for professional leave for himself, and a male and female chaperone, if necessary.

Ashley Moore, Tyler Consolidated Middle School TSA advisor, was given permission for nine students to attend the TSA Spring Conference at Cedar Lakes from March 26-28. They will accompany the high school TSA group on their bus.

Brian Bailey, Sistersville Elementary School Music Specialist, was given permission for two students to attend the West Virginia All- State Children’s Choir in Charleston, W.Va., on March 12 and 13. Transportation to be provided by their parents.

Susan Gilbert, TCHS civics teacher, was given permission to take six or seven students in her personal vehicle to West Liberty University on March 2 for a Civics Bowl.

Abram Negie, was granted permission for the choir to perform the Star Spangled Banner at the Wheeling Nailers game on Feb. 6, with bus for transportation.

Matthew Jennings, AIB Music Specialist, was granted permission to transport three, fifth grade students in his personal vehicle to attend the All-State Children’s Chorus in Charleston on March 12, 13 and 14.

Clinton Blosser and Erin Pierpoint were granted permission for their children, Addison Blosser and Brooks Blosser, to cross county lines in order to attend Tyler County Schools for the 2015-2016 school year, pending approval from Wetzel County Board of Education.

Jason Maisey, was granted permission to use six classrooms and two parking lots at Tyler Consolidated High School to hold a firefighter school on April 17, 18, and 19.


The resignation of Stefanie Suter, as head cheerleading coach, at Tyler Consolidated High School, effective March 22, was accepted.

Cathy Boggs, was employed as assistant girls softball coach at TCHS, effective immediately.

Approval was given for Mutual Consent Schedule and Route Changes:

Special Needs Transportation Aides Andrea Wagner, Stephanie Higgins, and Alisha Craven mutually agree to minor schedule and route adjustments to meet the needs of students in the fall of 2015.

Special Needs Bus Operators Mike Hickman, Preston Ferrell, and Mellissa Snyder mutually agree to minor schedule and route adjustments to meet the needs of students in the fall of 2015.

Judi Hamrick, gifted education teacher, mutually agrees to minor alteration of her schedules at both A.I. Boreman Elementary School and SES to provide services required to meet IEP goals and objectives for identified gifted education students in grades one through five and providing support for personalized learning in math to selected students for the 2015-2016 school year.

Jerry Zwick, supplemental math teacher at TCMS, mutually agrees to minor alteration of his schedule to include up to two periods of eighth-grade math for the 2015-2015 school year.

The board also approved the minutes of the Jan. 20 meeting and authorized the payment of bills.

The next regular meeting will be held on Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. at the Tyler County Board Office located on Dodd Street in Middlebourne.