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Appointments to PCDA are made

By Staff | Feb 4, 2015

Paden City Council appointed seven new members to the Paden City Development Authority Monday evening.

This move came after accepting letters of resignation from six members as of Jan. 24. Those resignations came on the heels of council passing an ordinance that eliminated term limits on the PCDA and allowed council to remove any PCDA member with or without cause.

The letter stated that six total members were resigning their positions on the board as of Jan. 24 because they felt they can no longer be productive, reach their goals, care for their tenants properly or serve the citizens and city, citing the city government trying to micromanage the board affairs. The letter went on to thank the citizens for giving them the opportunity to serve on the board and wish the next board members the best of luck in their future endeavors. The six members that resigned were Dale Henry, Larry Potts, Jack Cox, Patty Casteel. William Fox, and Richard Gallagher.

The seven individuals newly appointed to be members of the PCDA are Chanda Spragg, Ed Parsons, Susan Henthorn, B.B. Smith, Clyde Hochstrasser, Ken Stead, and Scott Northcraft.

In an effort to further safety for students and school personnel, along with the general public, there is a plan of making Union Alley one way, south, going from Maurice Street to the high school.

Dan Probst said, “There is too much congestion to have a two-way street, it causes traffic jams.”

Since all the buses use that street, the plan is for traffic to be changed to a one way from 7:30 a.m. to 8 a.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. There is also a plan to send a letter with the kids to the parents, letting them know of the change. That will be followed by erecting a sign to let drivers known it will be changed to a one way during those hours.

A special meeting for the first reading is set for Feb. 9 at 6 p.m.

First readings were approved for two ordinance changes:

305.08-Two Hour Parking Zone And No Parking Zone. There is to be no parking on the east side of south Fourth Avenue from Adams Street to Washington Street, along with the west side of Fourth Avenue in front of the Paden City Development Authority H&R Building, excluding the parking designated for handicapped parking. While council had done this years ago, at some point the signs had been taken down. In an effort to be safe, council decided to put the parking restriction into an ordinance.

1721.01-Permits Required. It reads, “It shall be the responsibility of the recipient of the permit to contact ‘Miss Utility’ before any construction or demolition nay take place.”

In another matter, Councilman Bob Postlethwait addressed the purchase of body cameras and boots, as requested by the Paden City Police Department. The initial request was for six-inch high boots. They are priced at $84.95 a pair. Postlethwait stated, “This is an exceptional price for a pair of these boots. Back when i was an officer, before I retired back in 2003, boots were around $140 to $150 a pair.”

Postlethwait went on to speak about the body cameras. He mentioned that a lot of departments are going with them and it would help with the protection and safety issue while being worn on the uniform. They would cost $99.99 each and would come with rechargeable batteries. The cameras can be either manually or utilize sound-activated recording. The battery has a two-hour run time. The request was for four cameras. Each officer would sign it out before each tour of duty and sign them back in upon their return. Each officer will be responsible for the unit that is signed out.

June 4 has been set as municipal election day for Paden City. Elections for recorder and three members of council, one for each ward, will be held for two-year terms. Any qualified person is invited to express their intention by filling out the necessary eligibility forms along with the $10 fee at the recorder’s office by Apr. 6.

The purchase of a validator was approved. The validator is a piece of equipment used when someone comes into pay their utility bill. As of now, they only have one operational unit and they need to have a backup in the event the operational unit stops working, as it has a constant immediate need. The cost for it will be $780 and it will be taken out of the coal severance.

The West Virginia Municipal Bond made contact with the utility office noting that they no longer want payment by paper check. Instead, they will be accepting payment by use of the ACH system. It was approved that they do the necessary paperwork to get the process started.

The city’s Pestech contracts were approved. Also, they agreed to advertise for bids on the old tool truck.

The next regular meeting for Paden City Council is set for March 2.