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Sistersville plans for warmer weather, city pool

By Staff | Jan 14, 2015

Even though Sistersville has been enduring cold temperatures, freezing rain, and snow-covered roads, the Sistersville Park and Recreation Department is making preparations for the summer season. With the warmer temperatures comes the opening of the swimming pool, but first there are things to be done.

According to Committee Member David Pancake, the Park Department had to take down part of the fence around the pool because of concerns about poison ivy was growing into the fence and roots were becoming an issue. In order to get rid of these issues, part of the fence had to be taken down.

In addition to the poison ivy and roots, pine trees were also taken down so that they could utilize that area. The fence will now be extended to where the pine trees were. This will enlarge the pool area.

Estimates through various companies for the cost of the new section of fence are currently being sought. The department talked about the possibility of taking donations to pay for the fence installation. Pancake assured that the fence will be finished by summer. “It has to be done,” he said. Different avenues have been discussed as how to pay for the fence.

Another reason for the fence expansion was not only for the poison ivy and root concerns, but also for a proposed splash pad. They will be taking out a grassy area for the installation of the new feature that is estimated to cost $36,000-$40,000.

There is currently discussion of selling Hubbard Park in order to assist in the financing of the splash pad. Hubbard Park, located behind the post office, belongs to the city, but since the Park and Recreation Department oversees that area, it was ruled that they can use the proceeds from the sale to finance the splash pad. However it still has to be sold. It has already been designed, the only obstacle is the financing. Part of the design is an oil derrick that shoots water out of the top. It is said that it will be the prized feature of the splash pad-an homage to Sistersville’s oil and gas culture.

“Out town has to stop standing still, we have to take chances, do things, we need to better our town”, stated Pancake.