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Family center makes plans to improve and expand

By Staff | Jan 14, 2015

What is now known as the James E. Willison Family Center was once known as the Sistersville High School gym. Residents, businesses, and organization are able to rent the gym by the hour. The basic rate of the rental is $20 per hour. This can cover for sports related activities or private parties.

“If an organization or a group wants to rent it multiple times, we can try to be as flexible as possible, so it is not taking too much away from their budget. So if someone wants to meet there once a month for their monthly meeting, we can work with them for a fair price.” noted Alex King, member of the Park and Pool Committee.

Chairperson Audist Pancake went on to state, “The reason why we have to charge the way we do is because the utilities are very high, the gas and electric cost is extensive. Any money we receive, we put right back into it, whether it is a gym repair, improvement, or toward the park, it is going somewhere to improve the community.”

King noted that the Sistersville Planning Commission has agreed to assist in the gym repairs. “I would just like to extend our thanks out to them”, he added.

Pancake commented that they bought the pool paint so they are ready to go on the pool. The Sistersville Junior Athletics group has bought material for the roof of the concession stand that stands next to the baseball diamond.

“In the past, there hasn’t been a lot of people putting in an effort, but in the last year there has been a great increase of that,” said Pancake. King added, “This is a huge coming together of the community and multiple interests coming together for a greater cause.”

They want to thank the community for their support and it makes them want to keep going.

Dave Pancake said, “We are always open to suggestions of things that people want at the park or the gym. Give us some ideas. We want to change things. We want a park to be a place where parents feel comfortable sending their kids, while parents feel enjoyment as well.”

King added, “Even if people just offer their time or make a suggestion, that’s already a lot of help on its own.”

Positive attitudes and lack of negativity tend to go a long way, stated Audist. And Dave went onto say, “Anyone can get involved, it’s about the future of our town.”