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Council approves change for PCDA

By Staff | Jan 14, 2015

Paden City Council unanimously approved the first reading of an ordinance change that would eliminate term limits on the Paden City Development Authority and allow council to remove any PCDA member with or without cause.

The move came during a brief, special meeting Monday evening. The change requires a second reading, which will be held during a special meeting on Jan. 22 at 7:30 p.m.

When one attendee of the meeting asked to speak Monday, Mayor John “Hoppy” Hopkins said a time for public comment was not on that evening’s agenda. However, Recorder Tammy Billiter said a public comment period will be on the Jan. 22 agenda.

The PCDA is made up of 12-15 members. All but one of those members is appointed by council. One is appointed by mayor from the city council. The authority should include representatives of business, industry, and labor.

Councilman Joel Davis abstained from voting on the measure as he is currently the mayor’s representative from council on the PCDA.

Another action taken at the special meeting was the purchase of a tool truck for the maintenance department. They will buy a GMC Sierra for $36,752 from Matheny Motors in Parkersburg.

Council had also received bids of $36,209.92 for a Ford F350 and $35,226.92 for a Ford F250. The three bids were discussed at the regular meeting on Jan. 5.

Upon closer inspection, the GMC was deemed better as it included a spare tire, on and off road tires, and a welded tool box.

The cost of the truck will be split between the water, sewer, and general funds. The first two funds were ready to pay for their portion. During Monday’s meeting council voted unanimously to put $6,000 from the sale of the city’s street sweeper into the general fund to be used toward the truck purchase.

Matheny agreed to defer delivery of the truck to the city for 30 days.

At last week’s meeting, Councilwoman Ginger Wilcox said, “They need a truck that one is dangerous.”

Councilman Dan Probst agreed, “It’s just junk.”

“I hate to put the guys out t here in that truck,” concurred Hopkins.

In a related matter, at the Jan. 5 meeting council approved an expenditure of $7-800 to purchase winter boots for the maintenance department.

Also, after some discussion at Paden City Council’s regular meeting, the body approved the purchase of two new digital control panels for pumps to the city’s water tank at approximately $15,000.

Water, Street, Maintenance Superintendent Josh Billiter explained that currently the city is running on one “high service” pump. “We’re on borrowed time,” said Billiter.

The two control panels currently in place are 15 years old and of the analog style, which are no longer manufactured. Billiter said if the city converted to digital, they would be guaranteed for 10 years and if any problems do occur, parts for repairs would be in stock.

He explained that it would cost $1,200 to fix the old panel or $7,500 to purchase a new one. Also, the city would only have one service call to install two new panels, as opposed to more if they fixed the old one and then replaced the other one, not to mention the possibility of needing more repairs further down the road.

Recorder Tammy Billiter said usually a service call from C.I. Thornburg in Huntington, W.Va., is $600-1,000.

“You’re probably going to have to buy them anyway, down the road,” added Davis.