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Council welcomes new officer to PC

By Staff | Jan 8, 2015

PC police officer, Mason Rine

At Paden City Council’s meeting Monday evening they officially welcomed police officer Mason Rine to duty after graduating from the West Virginia Police Academy on Dec. 19.

PCPD Chief Mike Kelly didn’t feel it was time to release much information since investigations are ongoing, but Mayor John “Hoppy” Hopkins noted there are good things happening in the town through the PCPD. “We’ve had maybe three positive incidences that have happened recently,” he said.

Also, Kelly and Sistersville Police Chief Rob Haught have signed mutual aid agreements, essentially strengthening both departments.

Paden City Development Authority member Jack Cox spoke during the public forum portion of the meeting to point out some things about the group. He said no one on the board collects a wage or salary; Mayor Hopkins agreed.

Some of the board members give volunteer labor to the group; Hopkins said that has always been true to some degree.

Cox further said the PCDA has reduced their debt from approximately $446,000 to $140,000. “I certainly feel that they are doing a good job taking care of the Paden City Development Authority,” said Cox, who added that he takes no credit as he has only been a part of the group since July.

“For some reason you have picked on the Paden City Development Authority,” Cox levied at Hopkins, who denied the charge.

“I’ve only asked them to do what they need to be doing,” replied Hopkins, adding that he hasn’t received a financial report for four years. He said council wants to know the group’s debts, assets, and other information that would be on a formal financial report.

Bill Fox, PCDA member and former mayor, asked, “Why not come down to the office?” He suggested a visit to the PCDA office would not take too much of Hopkins’ time.

Council held an executive session, citing personnel matters, at the end of the meeting that lasted an hour. Recorder Tammy Billiter said no action was taken after the session that involved the PCDA and other personnel matters. While the PCDA is appointed by council, they do not employ anyone for the PCDA.