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Reviewing Tyler County’s 2014

By Staff | Dec 31, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR -- Christian Crawford, who turned one year old on Dec. 16, sends the year 2014 out with a bang and looks forward to 2015 with a smile on his lip and a twinkle in his eye. Christian is the son of Alaina and Chris Crawford of Sistersville; and the grandson of Lynn and Bruce Crawford of New Martinsville; and Mary and Jim King of Sistersville.

Local news for the past 12 months has been both uplifting and devastating with everything from the many kindnesses done for our residents by their friends and neighbors to homes lost to fires, to the growing drug problem in our counties, state and nation, 2014 will be one to remember, for some reason, by all of us.

On Jan. 2, while workers were changing out fracking water on a pad and water began to spill from the connections. The pad was located on big run roughly three miles from state Route 18, via Indian creek road. According to a statement from Jay-Bee Oil and Gas Inc., a tank on the T1-03 well location exploded. There was also a single injury which consisted of a broken ankle and the employee was released over the following weekend.

During the Paden city council meeting, Council unanimously agreed to increase the salaries of part time employees. These raises consisted of a $34 increase per month for crossing guards and a $1.60 increase for both dispatchers and cleaning crew. Mayor John Hopkins also reported that an estimated $80,000 would be needed for repairs to the Paden City pool.

The DEP issued a violation to Jay-Bee oil and Gas in connection with the Jan 2 incident at the Lisby pad on Big Run in Tyler County. While it was reported that the spill was contained within a dike system at the pad and cleanup was being handled by a full fracking crew, the DEP found through further investigation that there was imminent danger by causing a fresh water supply to be lost or contaminated. This was a direct result of a tank explosion that caused a black sludge to flood the area around the pad site.

Sistersville Council unanimously voted to appoint Paden City resident Brenda Weekly as interim recorder for the city. Following her appointment as recorder, she finished out the meeting typing the minutes of the meeting, presenting them to the council for their immediate approval.

The Tyler County Planning Commission determined that a book would be composed in honor of the county’s 200th birthday. This publication will consist of historic Materials and photos that were submitted to them. the various information published in the Tyler Star News throughout the year and other important facts about Tyler County’s past will also be included in the publication.

Issues surrounding the budget issues were discussed at the regular January monthly Sistersville council meeting, which was held at the fire hall. Since the fiscal year had only been halfway completed, there was particular interest for budgets which was above the 50 percent mark that had already been spent. the main areas that were focused upon was the park and pool which had reached 103 percent,. the recorder which had reached 100 percent and the mayor which had reached the 75 percent mark.

Three defendants pleaded guilty and received punishments from judge Mark Karl in Tyler County Circuit Court. Maverick Stewart of Sistersville, John Lively of Fresno, Ohio along with Raymond Lee smith of Middlebourne all plead guilty.

A Schneider National Inc. 18 wheeler carrying liquid hydroxide wrecked on Jan. 21 within feet of the Brigadier General Timothy C. Barrick Bridge in Sistersville. While it was determined that the driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he was cited for failure to maintain control of his vehicle.

Local Tyler County resident Jessie Lenz, created a cover for the New York Times Magazine which was published on Jan. 24 in the online edition. According to the blog, it was about Hilary Clinton’s influence on the various people within her political universe.

In the early morning hours of Jan. 28, half of Tyler County residents were without power during a time when temperatures dropped down to a negative 12 degrees which was not taking into account the wind chill factor. This happened due to a tree falling on a power line near archers chapel which happened to trip a substation near Middlebourne.

$2,100 in grants was awarded to ArtsLink from the Stealey Community Fund which will bring theatrical workshops to area high schools. The workshops will be conducted by the national players Shakespeare company as a part of its residency with ArtsLink, which is the arts council for both Wetzel and Tyler counties.

There was a proposal to the Paden City council for a $5 increase to their municipal fee. This was due to the city incurring major expenses in the amount of around $38,000 to repair storm damage to seventh avenue.

Middlebourne council announced the Middlebourne cable company will be dissolved. The decision was made due to the company not paying any franchise fees for the last nine years while failing to appear to answer the suit filed against them.

A gas leak was discovered in the building which housed the Tyler county prosecutor’s office and magistrates court which caused a temporary relocation. Luke Furbee, Prosecuting attorney for Tyler County stated that his office had to be relocated on a temporary basis due to the gas leak and that he will be operating from the judge’s chambers on the second floor at the Tyler County courthouse.

Grand Jury Indicts six

The Tyler County grand jury met Feb. 11and returned true bills against six defendants. This included William Neff of Middlebourne, Tanya Smith of Paden City, Matthew Witsoe of Beverly, Seth Morris of Middlebourne, Dewayne Nutting and Randy Kuehne of South Bloomfield, Ohio.



Board meets on calendar change

Tyler County Schools Superintendent, Robin Daquilante, met with teachers, parents and others to discuss changes to the upcoming school calendar. She explained that the minimum employment term of 200 days was extended from 43 weeks to 48 weeks while adopting a policy to add additional minutes of instruction each day to recover for lost time.

On Feb. 19, it was reported that there was a strange odor along with a sheen atop a small stream. The WVDEP arrived onsite at 2 a.m. to inspect the area. there was confirmation that traces of mineral spirits were being used as a means to clean pipe fittings at the Lisby Well Pad and had entered the stream. it was concluded that small quantities of the product had seeped into the rock over time and that rainfall had flushed the material out.

Melissa Smith of Sistersville won the Miss West Virginia United States 2014 title on Feb. 23. Smith is a 2010 graduate of Tyler Consolidated High School, is married to Joe Smith. The couple has two sons, Erickson and Eli.


The Tyler County Sheriff’s Office, assisted by the West Virginia State Police, served a search Warrant at a residence in Sistersville. They seized what they allege to be a meth lab. Shirl Baker and Dustin Fulks were arrested in connection with the alleged meth lab.

Due to contamination issues in the Kanawha Valley, Middlebourne is set to explore getting water from wells. The steps taken will be to drill test wells in order to see if they can get the volume along with quality of water needed.

A search warrant was executed by the Tyler County Sheriff’s Office in Middlebourne on March 5 as a result of an ongoing investigation. Todd and Marissa Shepherd were both arrested, taken into custody along with being charged with the felony offense of delivering a controlled substance which was Suboxone.

Tim Meeks appeared before the Paden City council to update city officials on the status of the next stage of the ongoing sewer project. The Thrasher Engineer informed council on what had been found since work started a year prior. It was stated that the current system could handle up to 600,000 gallons a day while after major storms there was overflow in excess of over two million gallons. Storm drain and sewer lines were set to be replaced.

Former Sistersville Resident, Bill Haley, was appointed to plant manager at PPG Industries in Wichita Falls, Texas. Beginning his career in 1984 after completing his degree in chemical engineering, he held various positions with PPG before being appointed to plant manager.

Tim Aiken, President and CEO of Union Bank announced the opening of a new branch of Union bank located in new Martinsville. This branch is located across from the West Virginia DOT along RT 2.

Beverly and Herb Swartzmiller of Sistersville were introduced as West Virginia’s newest West Virginia lottery winners. They won the lottery playing Powerball from a ticket bought at the Parmar 10 in Kidwell.

Bob Mead of Frontier Communication met with Tyler County Commissioners on March 11 to explain the new phone system set to be installed in the courthouse and the magistrates along with the prosecutors’ offices. it was explained that they would take the existing phone numbers and integrate them all into one circuit and when the calls come in they would be distributed evenly.

The mayoral election was the news on the streets of Sistersville as voting began in the city for a new mayor. Running for the position is Bill Rice and Beri Jean Fox. Rice was elected by the people to serve his second term as Mayor of Sistersville.

A late night fire at the Middlebourne Baptist Church Parsonage on March 26th, left the Church pastor Troy Guild , and his family homeless.

Tyler county emergency services personnel were called to the Jay-Bee Oil and Gas well on Lisby Pad on Big Run, near Indian Creek on March 27th after nearby residents reported fumes from the well pad were making them ill.

Howard P. Shriver 34 of Shinnston was once again given the opportunity to bail out of jail, albeit on home monitoring confinement. The defendant is facing an 11 count indictment alleging he used and axe-like weapon in an attempt to break into a home and attack his wife and two children.

On Thursday in Tyler County Circuit Court William B. Neff pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual abuser by a parent.


Tyler County Director of Emergency of Services Tom Cooper announced that he was approved a grant in the amount of $117,000 to purchase two pieces of equipment: A 200 KW generator and an air monitoring system.

Top student are recognized

Eight Tyler Consolidated High School senior were inducted into the Academic hall of fames at the 36th annual Academic Awards Ceremony at the school auditorium. The seniors that were inducted are Chelsea Kehrer, Sophia Kinnard, Carly Fletcher, Sydney Reed, Kali Mead, Macy Frey, Caroline Bantug, Dylan Reynolds and Denise Terrell.

Middlebourne Mayor, Charles Delauder, said there was an increase to the water rates in Middlebourne for two reasons: they needed to reach a certain rate level before any grants could be awarded to them and that the current water system was running in the red.

Ed’s year end review


Local communities participated in the National Day of Prayer, gathering in Middlebourne, Sistersville and Paden City to pray for the Nation.

As of May 5, the Friendly Public Service District name was changed to the Tyler County Public Service District.

Three seats on the Tyler County Board of Education were hotly contested last year. Those running for office include: Bonnie Henthorn, James Eric Mason, Kevin Roberts, Scott W. Strode, and Jimmy Wyatt, incumbent. Scott W. Strode, Bonnie Henthorn, and Jimmy Wyatt were elected to the Tyler County Board of Education May 13 in the only contested race in Tyler County’s Primary Election.

In court news, John M. VanCamp, 46, pleaded guilty in Tyler County Circuit Court o an information charge of operating a clandestine drug laboratory, manufacturing methamphetamine.

Dylan Reynolds, a senior at Tyler Consolidated High School has achieved a first in the school’s history by placing in the top 15 at the State Math Field Day.

In Paden City, eighth graders at the high school raised enough funds to take a class trip to Washington D.C. as part of the Curriculum Enhancement Project.

In the area of the creek by the Sistersville City Park, 10 syringes were found, one by a 10-year-old child who was stuck by the point of a needle protruding from one of them. Sistersville Chief of Police Ben Placer, continued the investigation and found nine more in the general area.

Tyler Consolidated High School senior Amanda Dawson is this year’s recipient of the Adam R. Kelly Memorial Scholarship Award. The announcement was made by TCHS counselor Teri McCoy during the Class of 2014 commencement exercises held May 22.

Olive Branch Animal Rescue and Refuge sponsored “Paws in the Park”?on May 31, and had a great turnout as several vendors and more than 50 pets and owners were in attendance to support the fundraiser. This event is an annual fundraiser for the non-profit, no kill animal shelter in Tyler County and was well supported by the residents of the community.

The Valedictorian and Salutatorian for Tyler Consolidated were announced as Chelsea Kehrer and Caroline Bantug; at Paden City High School, Myah Charkawi and Jenny Hickman were named.

A woman walking her small dog on a leash in the alley by South Second and Park St. in Paden City were attacked by dogs on Saturday evening, May 24, sending both the woman and dog to the hospital with injuries.

The Relay for Life of Tyler County was held at Knight Stadium at Tyler Consolidated High School on May 24 and was very successful this year, with more than $30,000 raised for cancer research thus far.


John “Hoppy” Hopkins retained his seat as mayor of Paden City, getting 231 votes in comparison to 181 for William “Bill” Fox and 8 for Cindy Slider in the election.

Handicap accessibility was the main topic of the June Sistersville City Council meeting, with the council and community minded residents attending the meeting at the Sistersville Volunteer Fire Dept. so as to have a handicapped accessible location.

Teacher of the year awards were presented at the Tyler County Board of Education meeting. This year’s honorees were Barbara Maston, Tyler Consolidated High School and overall Tyler County Teacher of the Year; Greg Goodfellow, Tyler Consolidated Middle School; Katrina Thomas, Sistersville Elementary School; and Judi Hamrick, A.I. Boreman Elementary School, who also teaches at SES and TCMS.

Judge Mark A. Karl followed the recommendation of Tyler County Prosecutor Luke Furbee June 5 and sentenced William B. Neff to the maximum sentence of two 10- to 20-year sentences in the West Virginia Penitentiary for Men in Tyler County Court. Neff had pleaded guilty on April 3 to two counts of sexual abuse by a custodian. He had been charged by the October 2013 grand jury with nine felony counts, all of a sexual nature, and by the February 2014 grand jury with an additional five counts of sexual offenses, all involving his own children.

The June 10 convention of the Tyler County grand jury resulted in the return of 121 true bills to 16 individuals. Included in the charges was an unusual 98-count indictment against numerous individuals concerning the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Bryan Owens of Sistersville, a police officer with the Paden City Police Department, was approved by the Tyler County Commission as the newest addition to the Tyler County Sheriff’s Department.

The “Friends of the Oakwood Cemetery” group was officially formed in May to be a governing body to ensure the upkeep of the landmark cemetery in Sistersville. Several volunteers met in June to begin work.

Caroline A. Bantug of Sistersville was been named one of 2,500 winners of National Merit Scholarships financed by U.S. colleges and universities. Bantug, a 2014 graduate of Tyler Consolidated High School, plans to pursue a career in biomedical engineering with the assistance of the National Merit University Of Oklahoma Scholarship.

Prosecutor Luke Furbee held a special press conference on the Tyler County Courthouse steps on June 24 to announce that as the result of an investigation by the Tyler County Sheriff’s office which lasted over a year, 16 individuals were indicted by the Tyler County Grand Jury on June 10 and 12, 2014 in two joint indictments encompassing 148 counts of criminal activity related to methamphetamine manufacturing in Tyler County.

Momentive Performance Materials, Sistersville, made a $7,500 contribution to the Sistersville Park and Pool Board. The contribution was made upon the recommendation of Momentive’s local Community Advisory Panel (CAP) and with Momentive management’s support.

The annual clean-up along the Ohio River, better known as “River Sweep” was held on June 21. Volunteers for the “Sweep” came from environmental organizations, civic groups, recreational clubs, scout troops, local businesses, and the general public, assisting in a massive clean-up to improve the banks of the mighty Ohio.

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin presented the Governor’s Commendation for International Market Entry to representatives of 37 West Virginia business exporters, celebrating top small and medium businesses in the Mountain State. Among them were Marble King and Sistersville Tank Works.

The Paden City Park and Pool Commission planned to host Thursday night music in the park summer series. Every Thursday evening starting June 26, and ending August 28 performers and musicians from the local area and beyond set up on the stage in Paden City Park.


Newly elected board of education members Jimmy Wyatt, Bonnie Henthorn, and Scott Strode were sworn in for four-year terms to the board during the Tyler County Board of Education in July. Election of officers was also held with Henthorn elected as president and P.J. Wells as vice president.

Paden City High School Alumni returned home to Wildcat Country in July to celebrate “Paws to Remember” with classmates, teachers, old friends and family.

The 18th Annual Picnic in the Park held at the Sistersville City Park on July 6 was a great success with something for everyone. The annual event, sponsored by the Sistersville Community Service Organization, was a popular activity filled day, capped off with a spectacular fireworks display to celebrate Independence Day.

A Bridge in Middlebourne was dedicated to the memory of U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jesse Adam Ault on Saturday.

In July, Sistersville Council approved projects held at the Sistersville City Pool including moving the fence to accommodate a larger grassy area for sunbathing; a splash park for children and the taking down of pine trees behind the pool.

In a statement released the morning of July 14, Sheriff Bob Kendle stated that on the morning of July 14, at approximately 1:05 a.m., Tyler 911 received a call of a fire on Big Run Road near Alma of a camper fire with a child entrapped. Deputies from the Tyler County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene along with fire units from Middlebourne and Shirley volunteer fire departments and Alma EMS.

Upon arrival, the camper was fully engulfed and witnesses told responders there was a child still in the camper. A child’s body was found in the burned rubble. It was later found that a man, woman, and another child had left the scene, travelled to Pine Grove, and sought help. They were being transported by Wetzel County EMS to Wetzel County Hospital. Later all three were sent to West Penn Burn Center in Pittsburgh, Pa. The State Fire Marshall is conducting an investigation into this matter, along with the Tyler County Sheriff’s Office.

At the County Commission meeting, Tyler County Sheriff Bob Kendle County approached the Tyler County Commissioners to reiterate the fact his office needs more manpower. Kendle stated said in his 36 years of service things have changed drastically, saying at least one additional deputy would be beneficial. He asked the commission to approve two deputies, plus a bailiff.

Middlebourne Town Council approved the final reading of an ordinance to sell three lots on Westchester Avenue. The ordinance allows the town, as trustee for the library, to sell the lots to Robert Carpenter Jr. at a price of $20,000. At their May meeting, council rejected the bid of $7,800 from Community Resources. Mayor Charlie Delauder and council all agreed the bid was not sufficient for the property.

The Tyler County Sheriff’s Dept. responded to a call made to Tyler County 911 Center on July 19. The 911 Center received a call at approximately 4:05 p.m. from a passerby reporting a car fire on Greenwood Road near Sistersville, at what is known as Horseshoe Bend. Sistersville VFD and Sistersville EMS along with the Tyler County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to the scene. A body was found in the vehicle. The vehicle was completely destroyed. The Tyler County Medical Examiner and the WV State Fire Marshalls Officer were notified and responded to the scene. The body was removed from the scene and was sent to Charleston, WV to the State Medical Examiners Office for autopsy and identification.

The Mountaineer Collegiate FFA recognized Jim Ash of Alma with the Layle D. Lawrence Honorary Mountaineer Lifetime Achievement Award at the West Virginia State FFA Convention held at Cedar Lakes near Ripley, W.Va.

A fifth grade teacher at Sistersville Elementary School, Gina Crawford, 33, along with Justin Britton, was arrested July 24 for the felony offense of possession with/intent to deliver a controlled substance. Sistersville Police executed a search warrant at her residence at 215 Wiley Avenue in Sistersville, around 11:20 p.m.


Sistersville City Council voted 4-2 during a marathon meeting at the beginning of August to hire the mayor’s son to work at the city’s sewer plan.

After discussion that included a few current city employees stating grievances to Jason Rice being hired in at a rumored $13 per hour, Councilmen Phil Konopacky and Richard Long voted against the hiring. The other four councilmembers in attendance-Mark Klages, Mitch Corley, Harold Dally, and Bonnie Hizer-voted for the hiring.

Mayor Bill Rice said he wanted to be clear that he was not involved in the hiring for the vacant position.

Paden City Council passed the first reading of two ordinances concerning the Paden City Development Authority during a tumultuous council meeting Aug. 4. The first change is to amend the ordinance to remove the Development Authority office from the city complex the other to modify an ordinance to require development authority members to be appointed by council.

Later in the month Paden City council held the second reading of an ordinance change at a special meeting, eventually passing it.

The change, which removes the Paden City Development Authority Office from the city complex, has been a controversial issue for the past few years. According to Councilwoman Ginger Wilcox, former Mayor Bill Fox took it upon himself to move the PCDA office from the industrial park to the city complex in July 2009. The change was approved.

A delegation of concerned citizens appeared before the Tyler County Board of Education Aug. 5 to express their displeasure with a change in a bus route on Jefferson Run Road and a portion of Low Gap (Bus #6) that affected their children.

A suspicious house fire broke out shortly after noon on Aug. 11 in Sistersville at 320 Cliff St., a home that has been abandoned for quite some time. Sistersville Volunteer Fire Dept. and Paden City’s Volunteer Fire Dept. responded to the incident, which left the home a total loss.

Another fire completely destroyed another home on Aug. 16 as a house fire broke out late Friday night/early Saturday morning at the home of Deloris Placer at 111 Hill St., Sistersville. This is the second fire in the last two weeks in Sistersville.

Tyler County students returned to school Aug. 15.

The Tyler County Board of Education ratified and continued the existing paid administrative leave of Gina Crawford, a teacher at Sistersville Elementary School, after a nearly hour-long executive session held at the end of their meeting Aug. 18.

Tyler County Commissioners approved the hiring of a new deputy for the Tyler County Sheriff’s department on Aug. 26.

Tyler County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call on Friday, Aug. 29, from the Tyler County E-911 that an individual had been struck by a vehicle on Rt. 18, near A. I. Boreman Elementary School. Upon arriving on the scene Officers investigated the accident and confirmed that a male individual was fatally injured. The vehicle involved in the accident was later located in Middlebourne and Zachary A. Coen of 228 Steele Street, Middlebourne, W.Va., was arrested and charged with Hit and Run resulting in Death. He was arraigned in Tyler County Magistrate Court.


Dewayne A, Nutting, 29, pleaded guilty in Tyler County Circuit Court to gross neglect of a child creating a substantial risk of death.

On Sept. 7, Heroes Day was celebrated in downtown Sistersville as well as at the City Park, recognizing the service of the many American heroes serving their communities every day, all around the world.

Sistersville City Park and Pool Director, Audist Pancake, announced at the city council meeting that the park and pool ended their summer with a positive ledger, after having been in the red for decades.

At Middlebourne city council, Mayor Charles Delauder reported that street paving and patching was complete.

The Tyler County Board of Education held a special session on Sept. 8 to declare the oil, natural gas, and other minerals beneath the surface of all board-owned property in and around AIB as surplus property for the purpose of offering the property for lease at auction pursuant to West Virginia Law.

Tyler County Sheriff Bob Kendle welcomed Adam Skinner as the newest Deputy to the Sheriffs Office on Tuesday, Sept. 9, following his approval by the County Commission.

WV Oil and Gas Festival was held in Sistersville Sept. 11-14 with the large Grand Oil and Gas Parade held on Sept. 13.

The first ever Miss Middle Island Harvest Festival pageant was held at Tyler Consolidated HIgh School. Holli Schell was crowned. She was also named Miss Photogenic and Miss Congeniality.

Tyler County Commissioners renewed the county’s contract renewal for medical helicopter services with AirEvac Sept. 23.

The 15th annual Marble Fest took over the down town area of Sistersville the weekend of Sept. 26 with food, craft and marble vendors.


Members of Sistersville Volunteer Fire Department accepted a “Senate of West Virginia Community Participation Discretionary Grant Award” in the amount of $7,500 in order to purchase vehicle extrication equipment. The grant request was made by WV Senators Kessler and Edgell.

Tyler County High School graduating classes participated in the Annual Alumni parade on Oct. 11 and held many more activities throughout the weekend in Middlebourne.

At County Commission, Tyler County Development Authority Director, Eric Peters, accepted a check on behalf of the Development Authority from Senator Larry Edgell to repair the transmission of the Sistersville Ferry.

On Oct. 14 the County Commissioners unanimously approved the purchase of a building, know as the Tawney building, in Middlebourne to secure evidence and quarantine animals (dogs and cats). The purchase price approved for the property was $25,000.

At the Board of Education meeting, Tyler County Superintendent of Schools Robin Daquilante said this year the county is showing a decrease of 44 students in all grades combined. It was also announced that the Tyler County Board of Education will from now on hold their regularly scheduled and special meetings at the new Board of Education office located at 114 Dodd St. in Middlebourne.

U.S. State Senator Joe Manchin met with owners, employees and the plant manager of the Sistersville Tank Works on Oct. 31, learning little about the history of the plant and what is made there.


Former Sistersville Police Chief Rob Haught, who held the office of Chief of Police in Sistersville for 17 years after being hired in 1987, was returned to this position at Monday night’s Sistersville Council meeting.

A report by SafeWise, states that Paden City was named as the third safest city in West Virginia.

Middlebourne City Council met in special session in Nov. immediately following the regular council meeting and heard the third and final reading of an amendment to the user fee ordinance, which places the burden on landlords to make payments on tenants.

They also heard the third and final reading of the ordinance on annexation of the Long Reach Federal Credit Union into the town limits. Finally, the third and final reading was heard on the ordinance establishing a comprehensive traffic code within town limits. All three were unanimously approved by council.

The Sistersville Community Service Organization announced the date for the annual Christmas Parade and the theme, “A Picture Perfect Christmas”. The group also announced that David and Audist Pancake were selected to be the Parade Marshal’s, for all their good works in the city of Sistersville this year.

The Tyler County Board of Education voted unanimously on Nov. 17 to terminate the employment of Gina Crawford, a fifth grade teacher at Sistersville Elementary School who had pleaded guilty to a drug charge.

The move came during a special session at the board office. The special meeting was called to discuss the recommendation of Duane Dober, director of human resources for Tyler County Schools, regarding the unpaid suspension, termination, and future employment of Crawford. The Board voted unanimously to terminate her employment.

On Friday, Nov. 28, the Tyler County Sheriff’s office, along with the Middlebourne Fire Dept., Shirley Fire Dept. and the Middlebourne EMS, responded to an Antero Pad located on Braden Hill Road in Tyler County for an industrial accident. As a result of the accident, Ryan Dunn, 29, of Given, WV, was pronounced deceased at the scene.

It was reported that Dunn and an unnamed co-worker were working next to the drill site when they were moving a large ribber tired loader. The co-worker was attempting to move the loader when it ran over Dunn inflicting fatal injuries.

The Tyler County Board of Education unanimously endorsed a resolution to support a statewide pay increase for all teachers and support professionals.


Rainy cold weather caused the cancellation of both Sistersville and Middlebourne’s annual Christmas parades. Both parades were rescheduled for the following weekend. Paden City’s “Light Up Night” went off with no changes in time or schedule.

Sistersville City Council made room for a new member at the only council meeting of the month as Tonya Tippins was swore in as the newest councilman for ward four.

Tyler County Development Authority Director, Eric Peters, accepts a check on behalf of the Development Authority from Senator Larry Edgell for repairs to the Sistersvlle Ferry.