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LEPC holds meeting

By Staff | Dec 17, 2014

Tyler County’s Local Emergency Planning Committee met for their regular monthly meeting on Dec. 11.

Attending the meeting were the Tyler County Office of Emergency Management, the Wetzel Tyler Health Department, Tyler County Local Emergency Planning Commission, Red Cross, Tyler County Commission, Tyler County Public Service District, Statoil, The Ministerial Association, Sistersville General Hospital, the Assessor’s Office, Tyler County Sheriff’s Office, Westbrook Health Services, the West Virginia Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Tyler County Board of Education and Triad Hunter. The breakfast was sponsored by Momentive.

Tom Cooper, Director of the Tyler County Office of Emergency Management, thanked everyone who attended for coming then stated there were currently no changes to the budget.

The meeting then turned to reviewing the notification and warning annex changes. The changes consisted of removing Sistersville and Middlebourne as siren locations due to their lack of operation. This change was made in two places in the Annex. There was a change referring to the “Flood observer network” to “SKYWARN” along with removing teletype as a means of notification.

As for the Sistersville siren, as for now it is not operational, however there is hope that it will be rectified soon. Upon inquiry, there was an estimate for a replacement siren that would perform the basic operations which is priced from $5,000 to $10,000 for which they would use mitigation money for. The committee then moved to review the changes made in the Public Information Annex. It was revised to say “PIO Classes given regularly by WV DHSEM” while adding “When Necessary” to Joint information will be establish. Social media was also added as a means to broadcasting and publishing detailed emergency related instruction to the public while the public was added to the information that is released from the command post.

Robin Daquilante, Superintendent for the Tyler County Board of Education, confirmed that approval was received from the school and the school messenger for the usage of the system to notify volunteers and the public.

The system would be used to notify general public for boil orders and other emergency messages along with notifying emergency responders of any emergencies. It would be broken down into categories to make notifications faster and more efficient and it would also employ a notify all list which would contact everyone on the list if needed.

The system will utilize the usage of phone calls along with email to notify individuals. There was some discussion of attempting to employ a texting feature. However, it is currently unknown whether the system has this capability.

There was discussion on the Commodity Flow Study which tracks the amount of Hazard Material transportation coming into Tyler County. Tom Cooper stated that they will be monitoring regular truck routes in and out of Tyler County along with rail traffic and barge traffic.

They will be monitoring Routes 2, 18, 74 and 23 for hazard materials traffic and will be employing the usage of a motion capture camera, which would be a cost estimated at $500. They would be using the Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness grant for the purchase of the camera which according to Tom Copper will have a number of uses. They will be purchasing one camera and using the motion capture camera at one location for a period of 24 hours before moving it to another location in order to maximize funds.

For the Rail Traffic, they will contact the Brooklyn station, located in New Martinsville as they have done in the past, who will then choose a busy 24 hour period to report on.

Once the study has been completed, they will send thier findings to a company named REPS INC. REPS will take the information they have, which will have findins from 2001, 2009 and 2015 studies and perform an analysis on it.

The Commodity Flow Study is set for the Spring of 2015, however the exact date is still to be determined.

The next Local Emergency Planning Commission Meeting is set for Jan. 8. This takes place during the second week instead of the first due to the holidays. The LEPC is also still looking for a sponsor for the breakfast that takes place as well.