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Traffic stop nets arrests

By Staff | Dec 10, 2014

What started off as a routine traffic stop ended up being so much more for Middlebourne Chief Tim Cecil. The traffic stop began when Cecil spotted a 1993 Chevy Cavalier traveling through Middlebourne. According to Cecil, he had previously seen the car sitting in New Martinsville without tags, so naturally it aroused suspicion. He pulled behind the Cavalier and called in the plates. The plate came back as belonging to a pickup truck owned by Donald Davidson. The plate for the truck expired back in 1990 even though it was wearing a tag dated for January of 2016.

Cecil stated “Those stickers aren’t due to be out yet, so naturally it aroused my suspicion”.

Recieving this information, he felt it necessary to stop the vehicle. The Cavalier pulled into the back lot of Witschey’s on Cecils signal for them to pull over. Three people occupied this vehicle, consisting of two men and a woman. Sitting in the vehicle were Mary D. Price being the driver, Bruce Stoneking occupying the front passenger seat and Josh Adams occupying the back seat. Cecil noticed that Adams looked fidgety, so he felt it necessary to call for backup.

The Tyler County Sheriff’s Office delivered that backup. Sheriff Bob Kendall, Chief Deputy Dean Pratt and Deputy Scott Dalrymple along with Sistersville Officers Jay Richardson and Alex Northcraft soon joined Cecil.

Upon arrival, the driver and passengers were then escorted out of thier vehicle.

The officers then searched the individuals along with the vehicle.

Upon searching, officers found needles in the back seatr of the vehicle also finding needles in Price’s Purse as well. Stoneking was found with an eight inch fixed blade knife along with a Remington 700 rifle lodged between his left leg and the console of the vehicle shoved down in the seat. Upon further investigation, they also found a can. Upon opening the can they found a bag that held white powder, which was later to be identified as Meth.

Driver Mary D. Price is being charged with several Misdemeanor offenses which include no Drivers License, no insurance along with improper registration and inspection sticker. Bruce Stoneking had a previous Domestic Protective order which was dropped so he will only be charged with a concealed weapons charge.

The back seat passenger, Josh Adams, will be charged with possession of a controlled substance, schedule 2 drug.