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Non payment of bills is discussed

By Staff | Dec 3, 2014

Paden City Mayor John “Hoppy” Hopkins stated at Monday’s council meeting that the Thomas Apartments, that is located across State Route 2 from the Tasty Freez, has run into a problem regarding trash pickup. Solid Waste Disposal Company interrupted disposal pickup service due to nonpayment.

It was also discussed that the Thomas Apartments share one water bill. Several options were discussed, either it be separated or the owner pays it off. Originally the owner was going to put it in different valves, but was also told that it would cost him $1,200 to do it that way. It was stated by Hopkins it going to take the time to get it done.

Solid Waste has stated that due to the issue with the bills being not paid, they will start issuing stickers. If a resident does not have a sticker, they will not receive disposal services from Solid Waste. Stickers will be issued once the bill has been paid.

Previously, as said by Hopkins, there were several large municipal and street fee bills that had been unpaid. At present, only one remains unpaid. He also said that the city has more than $50,000 a month in skip outs and late payments. They bill about $160,000 per month.

“Everyone has hardships. Everyone needs to pay their water bill. There is no forgiveness,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins also stated that any industrial business that resides within the limits of Paden City will have an industrial meter installed.

There was mention of a situation with a residence on Helen Street. There is a line that remains clogged and is backing up into the resident’s home. The line runs from the resident’s property into the city property so the issue of whether or not it was appropriate to enter the private property for the reason to snake a citizens sewer or water line was brought into question.

After some discussion, it was agreed that a liability waiver be signed by the resident. Josh Billiter, water street maintenance superintendent, also noted that there was a very large distance between two of the manholes that he was accessing to get to the clog. He proposed digging and installing another one between the two in order to shorten the distance so the equipment they have will reach the clog and create an opening in the passageway.

It was stated that there are only four campers left at the RV park located in the Paden City Park. There was a previous issue for delinquent payment. However, that issue was resolved by one camper who made a payment on Nov 30, while the other paid a week before.

Councilman Joel Davis stated that he has received a letter from James “Cork” Bowen which stated, “Please inform the council and the mayor that as of Nov. 12 I have resigned from the Paden City Development Authority.”

Upcoming holidays off were also discussed at the council meeting. Christmas Eve will be a half day off while Thursday and Friday, which are Christmas Day and the day after Christmas will be full days off. Employee Christmas bonuses were also discussed. They will be the same as they were last year. For full time employees, the bonus is set at $135, while for part-time employees it has been set at $65.

A tool shed that is currently sitting on 8th Avenue was viewed as a safety hazard by the majority of the committee. After some discussion, it was ruled that it would need to be moved immediately.

The next council meet will be held on Jan. 5.