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Filling stockings is Glover’s gift to needy

By Staff | Nov 26, 2014

Emily Glover, a Tyler County native, has made it her mission to supply filled stockings to needy children. The need has been so great that she is now seeking help from the public to meet the need.

Come this Friday, the Christmas season will officially be upon us-a time for family and friends, counting one’s blessings, and giving.

As we all well know though, for many, this time of year can be most troubling. Besides struggling to make ends meet each week, there is also the worry of making Christmas the happy time that it should be for each child. One local woman has taken it upon herself to help relieve this burden however.

“I was thinking that when I was a kid, I loved my stocking,” notes Emily Glover, a Tyler county native. “I got more excited about it than I did the presents.”

Glover said she began thinking about how many kids probably didn’t have stockings, so she thought “I’ll work on changing that!”

“I am giving stockings to anyone in the valley that needs help,” Glover noted. “I know people don’t donate because they think people could be lying just to get free stuff. The way I see it, that’s between them and the big guy upstairs. He knows my heart and that’s what matters. I just wish others could see it that way too.

“I will be doing it every year,” Glover notes, adding that she has probably close to 200 stockings to fill.

“There are so many parents that need help making Christmas happen for their kids this year,” Glover notes.

“I never imagined having so many people reach out to me, but I will not say no to anyone. I’m so ridiculously blessed and spoiled that I think it is time to give back!”

For those interested in donating toward her cause, Glover encourages people to message her on Facebook, call her at 304-815-8520, or drop items off at the Wetzel Chronicle or Tyler Star News during office hours.

She notes that the top gift items she needs for stockings are the stockings themselves, makeup, nail polish, necklaces, small stuffed animals, baby and toddler toys, and items for teenage boys. She states that she has soap and deodorant, but she thought about adding razors and shaving cream.

“If people can even donate a $1 stocking or a bag of candy, every little bit helps!” Glover notes.