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Commission discusses local matters

By Staff | Nov 19, 2014

Tyler County Commissioners received an update from Tom Cooper, director of the office of emergency management, at their Nov. 12 meeting.

Cooper said he was checking to see if his office is covered under the county contract for computer work. He said he has over 20 computers and they work slowly. He’s not able to keep them up to date like he should. “I can use some help because we have volunteers who drive up from Parkersburg to help maintain those,” said Cooper.

He is going to talk with the internet provider to see if they can provide him a link to the county’s system, and it should be without charge. “Right now we’re paying for something we’re not getting,” continued Cooper. “We are paying for seven megs and only average about three-and-a-half. I can’t update my computers at that speed.”

He has talked to the company and they said there shouldn’t be a problem. “The guys over at the office said that the wire is literally too small. It is too small to handle everything,” said Cooper. “So I’ll be working on this and I just wanted to give you a little update.”

Commissioner Eric Vincent presented the budget revisions to the commission, who approved them subject to the approval of the state auditor’s office.

Vincent also reported he had spoken to Wetzel County Commissioner Larry Lemon concerning the request for funding from Community Resources, Inc. He said he was told they had provided some funds in the past, but it was in smaller amounts than what was requested. “We need to get it back on our agenda and discuss it, because he took it from Lemon that what they gave was not $5,000, like they requested from us.”

Vincent stated CRI is a group that relies on the county’s help, but they are also supported by other agencies.

Commissioner Charles “Pork” Smith reported Tyler County had been passed over again for the Courthouse Improvement Grant.

Commission President John Stender said he had some correspondence from the property tax division and there will be hearings for natural resources and industrial properties.

Natasha Robinson, 4-H agent said they had their banquet Nov. 10 and she wished to thank the commissioners for their help. She also presented them with a plaque of appreciation. (See more information about and photos from the banquet on page 15.)

Tiffany Hess from the state auditor’s office was there to say things all looked good in the county’s audit. She commended them on the efficient work of the clerk’s office.

The commission approved the minutes from the Oct. 28 meeting and the assessor’s report of exonerations as given by Assessor Jackson Hayes. Teresa Hamilton, county clerk, presented the fiduciary report, which was approved by unanimous vote.

Commissioners tabled discussion of accepting credit cards for payment at county offices until the next meeting. They agreed they need more time to put it all together.

The next meeting of the county commission will be held on Nov. 25 at the Tyler County Courthouse at 9 a.m.