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Middlebourne test wells not sufficient

By Staff | Nov 12, 2014

Middlebourne Mayor Charlie Delauder informed the town council on Monday that two test wells had been drilled for the town’s water system. He said the first well near the water plant made six gallons of water in a 12-hour period. The second test well at the city park made about six gallons of water a minute. According to Mayor Delauder, neither well would produce enough water necessary for the town.

Delauder said Thrasher Engineering will now develop the plan for remediation of the town’s water plant using water from Middle Island Creek. He also reported the pump which the town recently had rebuilt for the sewer plant had to be removed and sent back to the company because they forgot to install a brass ring in the bottom of the pump, causing it to become clogged.

He said a city worker has been cleaning up leaves around storm drains, which hopefully will keep them from getting clogged and backed up. He also reported on painting the crosswalks, saying unfortunately they were dry enough to drive over but not dry enough to escape the rain. He said parts of them were washed off, so they will have to try something else.

Delauder said he had written a grant for highway safety gear which has been approved. He said three town employees will be attending highway safety classes on Nov. 12, for three-and-one-half hours. When they are finished, they will receive $3,000 worth of safety equipment to use when working on the streets. There will be signs, flagging equipment, safety cones, and traffic barrels. He said several of the storm sewer drains which were about to collapse have been rebuilt.

Tim Cecil, the town police officer, has been issuing mostly warning tickets for speeding along with a few for no insurance. Delauder said he attended the second judge’s training class on Nov. 7, but still doesn’t feel he is ready for the position.

Mayor Delauder asked council to hire a part-time police judge. He said he will feel more comfortable with an experienced judge. It was agreed to hire Donnie Harris, who is also police judge for Paden City and Sistersville. Once Mayer Delauder is fully trained he will take over as judge.

The mayor said he has met with Jerry Strausser from Armstrong Communications regarding getting the cable service to Middlebourne. They are working on it and the engineer is actually walking the route. He said Strausser has been seeking signed agreements from property owners to attach the cable to the electric poles on their property.

The youth of the Baptist Church have accepted a community project of decorating the gazebo for Christmas and the fire department auxiliary will be handling the Christmas parade.

Council unanimously approved the second reading of an amendment to the user fee ordinance, which places the burden on landlords to make payments on tenants. They also approved the second reading of the town comprehensive traffic code ordinance and the second reading on the annexation of the Long Reach Federal Credit Union by a minor boundary adjustment. Council also unanimously approved a motion to set up an account for the town at the credit union.

Scott Strode and Heather Smith were both appointed to the Park Board by unanimous approval of council.

Council unanimously approved the purchase of eight cameras, a recorder, and a monitor for the city complex. Total cost installed was $1,399.99. There will be cameras inside and outside, they will be purchased from Tom Hinton of Hot Spots.

Council selected an accounting firm from Cabin Creek, W.Va., to conduct the town audit. David L. Howell was approved to perform the audit at a price of $6,605 per year for a period of three years.

A motion was made by Councilman Doug Doak and seconded by Dave Myers to give city employees a $200 Christmas bonus. The motion passed unanimously.

Under council concerns, Doug Doak spoke about the problem of stray and owned but unleashed dogs on town streets. He said he contacted the sheriff’s office, who told him there was nothing they could do. Mayor Delauder said to get the names of the owners of the dogs. It was agreed there is a problem.