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Election results for Tyler County are reported

By Staff | Nov 12, 2014

Republican incumbent Roger Romine easily retained his seat in the West Virginia House of Delegates in the General Election held Nov. 4. He garnered 1,504 votes compared to Democrat Karl Paul’s 516 votes. That makes the vote 74.38 percent to 25.52 percent.

While the Second State Senatorial District encompasses more than just Tyler County, within its borders the vote went to Republican Kent Leonhardt with 1,161 votes compared to Democrat incumbent Larry John Edgell’s 857 votes and Constitution Party’s Jeffrey Frank Jarrell’s 53 ballots. Across the district, the result remained the same. Leonhardt captured 12,916 votes; Edgell, 12,235; and Jarrell, 673.

Again, races that include many counties, the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate races went Republican in Tyler County, following the statewide outcomes.

David B. McKinley garnered 1,527 votes to Glen B. Gainer III’s 491 votes for the congressional seat. Statewide McKinley received 91,941 votes compared to Gainer’s 51,755.

For the senate seat, in Tyler County the votes were as follows: Republican Shelley Moore Capito, 1,512 votes, 71.56 percent; Democrat Natalie Tennant, 497 votes, 23.52 percent; Libertarian John S. Buckley, 32 votes, 1.51 percent; Mountain party Bob Henry Baber, 47 votes, 2.22 percent; and Constitution Party’s Phil Hudok, 24 votes, 1.14 percent. Statewide the results were Capito, 280,123; Tennant, 155,456; Buckley, 7,360; Baber, 5,448; and Hudok, 2,544.

Republican John F. Stender was unopposed for his Tyler County Commission seat. He garnered 1,748 votes.

In Tyler County voters cast their ballots nearly two to one in favor of the constitutional amendment designed primarily for the Boy Scout’s Summit Bechtel camp- 1,367 for and 680 against. It passed statewide with a nearly 62 percent endorsement from voters.

In Tyler County the voter turnout was 34.68 percent. Statewide the percentage was 37.3 percent. All results are still unofficial.