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Commission approves purchase

By Staff | Oct 22, 2014

On Oct. 14 Tyler County Commissioners unanimously approved the purchase of a building in Middlebourne to secure evidence and quarantine animals (dogs and cats).

The vote to purchase the property known as the Tawney building was conditional upon the building passing a structural inspection. County Assessor Jackson Hayes said he had walked around the property and did not see anything structurally wrong. The purchase price approved for the property was $25,000. Commissioner Eric Vincent agreed to contact Dave White to perform the inspection.

Commissioners discussed a funding request from Community Resources, Inc., in the amount of $5,000. The request, which was brought before the commission at last month’s meeting and was tabled, will be looked into further before a decision is made. Commissioner Vincent agreed to check with the Wetzel County Commission and to further investigate the request.

The commission was presented with two invoices from CSS (Complete Systems Support). One was for the conversion/import of the land books image in the amount of $2,760 and the other was from CSS for the image conversion/import in the amount of $2,500. Commission President John Stender questioned the invoices, wanting to know what they were for.

As for the invoices, County Clerk Teresa Hamilton said CSS is working on an hourly basis and they had to do some additional work when the courthouse employees discovered a number of things missing-attributed to the work ACS, Affiliated Computer Service, Inc., a Xerox company-failed to complete.

CSS had to go back in and correct mistakes as well as re-index the end result.

Hamilton said CSS worked very hard. Their project is completed to this point and online; they deserve to be paid, she asserted. There will still be more work for CSS to do in the future.

She did not have the same opinion of ACS’s work. Hamilton said she had to call ACS, who did the scanning, to get them to come back because they didn’t get done what they had to. She said there were things missing-one book had 200 pages missing. Hamilton said they told her they might not get finished, to which she reportedly replied, “You might not get paid.”

There is still work to be done by ACS because there are still missing pages and there is nothing that has been scanned from 1986 to the present. Once that scanning is complete, then CSS will revisit that part of the project.

Commissioner Pork Smith commented that ACS was the company that said they could do this on the weekend. They gave a deadline of the end of April or May and now it’s into October. Vincent said these people need to quit making promises they can’t keep. “No, they just need to do what they say they will do,” said Stender.

Vincent made a motion to pay the CSS invoices, Smith seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Commissioners also approved the purchase of a new Web Server at a cost of $2,934 from CSS to replace the server presently being used. The new server will be able to offer unlimited access while the old system had a 40-person limit.

Eric Peters, executive director of the Tyler County Development Authority, appeared before the commission to refresh their memory about a resolution they had passed on Nov. 13, 2007, in support of an industrial access road. Peters said since that time he has been trying to get that road project bid out. There had been some issues involving eminent domain on a small piece of land, noted Peters, and they have finally settled that and now the West Virginia Division of Highways is ready to bid the project. He said they are telling him it’s probably going to cost more than the $600,000, which had been awarded through a grant for the project. However, the formula for receiving these funds is based on private and public investment.

He said the site to be served is Ben’s Run and sufficient investment has already been made which will give an additional $160,000 to cover any overrun on the project. “I need, as you have before you, a resolution confirming the county commission’s support for his project because the grant is actually awarded to the county commission,” said Peters. “The funds will be managed by the Development Authority and the West Virginia Division of Highways. Once the resolution is passed the project will be advertised for bid and then it will get under construction probably in early spring.” Peters said the resolution already been given preliminary approval by the West Virginia Development Office, who controls the funds which will be transferred to the Division of Highways prior to commencing the job.

The commissioners unanimously approved the signing of the resolution on a motion made by Commissioner Vincent and seconded by Commissioner Smith.

A proposal from Miller Heating and Cooling for a Lenox 5 Ton Air Conditioner for the courthouse court room was received for the amount of, $7,100 which includes all labor and costs. The commissioners had some questions concerning the area to be cooled and the size of the unit. It was also mentioned by Sheriff Bob Kendle that they may want to look into the cost of running duct work to the other rooms on the third floor. Stender said he felt it would be best if they table this until the next meeting and have Bob Miller come to answer questions. Commissioner Vincent will get in touch with Miller to let him know.

Tom Cooper, director of the Tyler County Office of Emergency Management, appeared before the commissioners with some grant papers he needed to have signed so the county can receive leftover funding from the year 2012. He said it is the West Virginia Homeland Security and Emergency Management/ Financial Contribution Request. “By signing it you get a portion of the leftover EMPG funds from that year,” he said, “It’s leftover funds, so we don’t know how much, but we’ll take what we can get.” The commissioners approved the signing of the request.

Commissioners also approved a change in the next meeting date from Nov. 11 to Nov. 12 because of the Veterans Day holiday.

Commissioners approved the exoneration report by Hayes and the fiduciary report by Hamilton.

The budget revisions as read by Commissioner Vincent were approved unanimously.

Commissioner Smith said there have been issues with the phone lines at the magistrate office. It was mentioned that there have been complaints on the length of time to get connected. Hayes said he thinks it is just the new system and getting used to it. “If you call 2136, it should connect you direct to the magistrate office, but 2137 will get you the automated answer,” noted Hayes. It was also mentioned that if someone calls out from the magistrate office, the call back number displays the county clerk’s office. Hayes said he would get with Frontier to try and correct any problems.

President Stender reported the commission received a letter from West Virginia Supreme Court Director Pletcher Adkins regarding the commission’s request for the West Virginia Courthouse Improvement grant. He said it was a favorable letter that said it is apparent the courthouse is in need of a better sound system and other improvements. The commissioners remain hopeful the grant will be approved.

Stender said there was also going to be a turkey dinner in the commission room on Nov. 18 and bake sales are also being held in the hall on Tuesdays. They are being held by the courthouse employees. Proceeds from the bake sales and the turkey dinner will be used to benefit Paul Lemasters, a co-worker who has been off sick and unable to work.

He also reported that he has correspondence from Stat Oil who is wanting to run a water line from the creek at the old poor farm. The line would be above ground from the pumping station located near the creek and go up and under state Route 18, then up over the hill and beyond. “Of course we would be compensated,” said Stender, who added that Prosecutor Luke Furbee has the contract. Furbee has some questions he needs to discuss with the attorney general to determine if this is going to be legal. Stender said according to what Furbee has found, the county cannot lease, but they may be able to auction off an easement for a specific period of time. “So we are waiting on Luke to find out what we can and can’t do,” noted Stender.

He also gave a brief report on the ET Rover Pipeline Project which is a major project that is going to have an affect on most of the area counties, including some in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The project will eventually be delivering gas to Canada, according to Stender.

Commissioners approved the payment of bills and minutes from the Sept. 23 meeting.