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Middlebourne hires officer

By Staff | Oct 15, 2014

On Oct. 6 Middlebourne Council hired the town’s new police officer.

New Martinsville Police Chief Tim Cecil will be ready to begin once the town receives an updated ORI number from the state police and Federal Bureau of Investigation. Cecil will retain his position in New Martinsville as his work in Middlebourne is part-time.

Relatedly, council had the first readings of three new ordinances for the town.

Council unanimously approved the first reading of a new ordinance which would update the traffic laws within town limits so as to correspond with the W.Va., comprehensive traffic code. Once enacted as an ordinance, the code will allow the town to benefit from the fines levied on violators instead of other agencies receiving the majority of the funds.

Unanimous approval was also given for the first reading or an ordinance regulating the use of seat belts and cell phone usage while driving in town limits.

Council also approved a request from Steven R. Reed, manager and chief executive officer of Long Reach Federal Credit Union, for their property located at 27 Pleasant View Lane, Middlebourne, to be considered for annexation into the Town of Middlebourne. After a short discussion and noting it was a minor boundary adjustment, council approved the first reading of the new ordinance.

Council approved Oct. 30, 6-7 p.m. for trick or treat and Dec. 6 for the town’s annual Christmas parade.

Approval was also given to hire Seth Watson as a part-time employee to work two days per week.

Mayor Charlie Delauder reported to council that there was no monthly meeting of the water and sewer board. He said a number of leaks have developed in various cast iron lines around town and the crew is working to fix them as soon as possible. He mentioned they have not received any confirmation regarding sufficient gas supply to run the generator for the water plant.

Delauder said the water intake line needs to be buried and he has contacted J & T excavating to perform the work. He said they would be in town soon, which would prevent it from freezing during winter.

The mayor reported contracts have been signed with the USDA regarding the town’s use of the $30,000 grant received for pre-engineering for the water project. He said the money is to be used to drill test wells and that all the permits are ready and the well drilling should start soon.

Mayor Delauder attended the West Virginia Rural Water session on source water protection. He said it was a very informative meeting which spells out the requirements for protecting the town’s water system from contamination, such as developing a spill response plan for both storage tanks. He said the town is also required to protect their water supply approximately 12.5 miles upstream, plus all the small streams which flow into Middle Island Creek in that area and 1,000 feet from each bank of the stream.

There is legislation which deals with tank registration. Part of it requires the town to notify individuals of any contamination of their water source within 30 minutes of the town being notified, however there is no requirement in the law that they have to be notified of any spills. Delauder said, “We might have to subscribe to a phone warning system for all our citizens as there is a substantial fine for being non-compliant.”

The town’s two water storage tanks have officially been registered with the EPA, noting any tank which is more than 90 percent above ground, holds more than 2,500 gallons, and is in place for at least 60 days must be registered. They must also have GPS coordinates to each tank and it must be inspected by a professional engineer prior to July 1, 2015. The town is also required to update its water source protection plan by July 1, 2015.

In other business, the town is in the process of putting up fall banners and are short several, so more need to be ordered. It was noted there were never enough purchased to attach to each pole.

Street paving has been completed, along with sealing where the new asphalt meets the old asphalt. Several storm sewer catch basins have been rebuilt, which council hopes will fix the problems of them falling in.

Under old business, it was reported the shrubbery by the town’s entrance signs have been replaced.

The next regular meeting will be held on Nov. 10 at 7.p.m.