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Paving/patching work is complete in Middlebourne

By Staff | Sep 17, 2014

Mayor Charles Delauder reported to Middlebourne Council on Sept. 8 that street paving and patching had been completed on Sept. 4.

He believes J & T Paving did an excellent job.

The mayor said on Aug. 13-15 he attended the West Virginia Municipal League meeting and judges’ training. He said sessions were held on municipal innovations, comprehensive planning, marketing and branding, creative financing for municipalities, and ethics and open government. He said he also attended municipal judges training.

On Sept. 5 Delauder met with Tim Meeks of the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council and engineer James McDonald to evaluate a project that would create a walking trail on Middle Island Boulevard-an area along Middle Island Creek. They were trying to determine if it might be eligible for a grant.

Delauder reported the town sent a pump from the water plant away to be rebuilt. They also received a bid from Swiss Valley Associates to install the generator at the water plant. There is a problem, however, because the gas company won’t currently guarantee that they will have enough gas to operate the generator. Mayor Delauder said he is still working on that.

The drilling of the test wells has been delayed because of confusion regarding the cost of a permit for the wells. Delauder said the drilling company sent a check to the state and they returned it because it was for the wrong amount, too much.

Under old business, council held the third and final reading of an ordinance for crosswalks on Main Street. The ordinance passed unanimously and discussion was held on advertising for bids to refurbish the two crosswalks in place; the striping is currently coming up. It was determined the city could do the work themselves and save money.

Under new business, a request by the Tyler County High School Alumni Association to close streets for the annual alumni parade on Oct. 11 was approved. The streets to be closed for the parade and parade line-up are Main St., North Ave., Underwood St., Park Ave., Fair St., and Fair Ave.

Council rejected a request from the Tyler County Public Library to restrict parking in front of the library to the corner of Main Street to just their patrons from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Approval was given to purchase “Work Ahead” and “Flagger Ahead” signs and a plate compactor for the town. A plate compactor is a hand tool used to tamp down pot hole patching material.