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Sheriff’s Dept. to hire deputy

By Staff | Sep 3, 2014

Tyler County Sheriff Bob Kendle presented each of the county commissioners with a packet containing the cost analysis for hiring a new deputy on Aug. 26.

Kendle had been at the previous three commission meetings requesting the officer and explaining the need for more coverage in the county.

At the last meeting, held on Aug. 12, Captain James Merrill, Troop 1 Commander of the West Virginia State Police, came before the commission to explain his position on the presence of the State Police in Tyler County. He said he applauds Sheriff Kendle in his efforts to get more manpower. He said they were willing and able to assist the county in any way they can.

On Aug. 26 at the commission meeting Kendle said the State Police have been helping out. He said they had answered a call just that morning and he hopes that will continue. Commissioner Eric Vincent asked if that call came through 911; Kendle said it was. “We are overwhelmed with calls,” said Kendle. “We just had a call on drug activity this morning.”

According to Kendle, drugs and domestic issues are the prevailing problems in the county. He said it is not getting any better, but worse. The informational packet broke down the cost of a new deputy, including an estimate for uniforms and training.

Commission President John Stender asked about overtime, to which Kendle responded, he would watch it, but he just couldn’t guarantee anything. He went on to say, “We really need this if we are going to be serious about crime here and the safety of our citizens.”

Commissioner Charles “Pork” Smith said he felt it was time to approve this, stating he believes the need is there. He made a motion to approve the hiring of a new deputy for the sheriff’s department. Vincent seconded and the motion was approved unanimously.

Sheriff Kendle thanked the commissioners for their assistance in providing the much needed help for the citizens of the county.

The County Clerk’s office presented information to the commission on a new copier from Xerox. The cost for the copier is $6,541 and is a larger capacity copier to be used in the front office. Another estimate was received from CWS for a similar copier at a cost of $9,970. Commissioners questioned what would happen to the current copiers in the front office. They were told the old ones were pretty much worn out. The new one would be black and white but would be able to handle all their needs. A motion to purchase the new copier was approved unanimously.

Two completed grants were presented to the commissioners from the Office of Emergency Management for drawdowns. These were homeland security grants which needed to be signed by the commission. Approval was given for both grants.

Budget revisions were prepared and read by Commissioner Vincent. The revisions were approved by unanimous vote.

Commissioner Smith presented a resolution from the Tyler County Development Authority, recognizing them as the legal authority to develop in Tyler County. A motion to adopt the resolution was made by Smith, seconded by Vincent, and approved unanimously.

Commissioner Vincent also reported on attending the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council (MOVC) meeting. He said they are still looking at making loans as money comes in. He also attended the 911 meeting where they discussed radio chatter and ways to get rid of it.

Commission President Stender reported Keith Burdette would be the speaker at the State Route 2/I-68 Authority’s upcoming meeting. He said the local representatives on the board are Brad Crawford, Eric Peters, and Charlie Clements. He also welcomed Alisha Protuplus, regional representative for the governor. She said she was there to drop off outreach packets. Stender also reported on the West Virginia County Risk Pool.

Greg Jadwin of AirEvac appeared before the commission to inform them of the county-wide and employee contract renewal date. He said they had made quite a few flights out of Tyler County, but he wasn’t sure of the exact number. He wanted to know if the county was satisfied and if they were interested in renewing. He said he just stopped to let them know the renewal date is Oct. 8 and if they are interested he would come back with the contract. He also mentioned they had the helicopter at the Tyler County Fair and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Fairgoers were even allowed to come into the helicopter.

The commission all agreed the contract with AirEvac is a good thing and is needed in the county. Jadwin agreed to return to the last meeting in September with the contracts to be signed.