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Judge Karl hears cases

By Staff | Aug 13, 2014

Charles A. Carse, 20, of Rt., 1 Box 573, Middlebourne, pleaded guilty to one of 14 counts of forgery and uttering in Tyler County Circuit Court July 30.

Carse pleaded guilty to one count of forgery. When asked by Judge Mark A. Karl what he did that made him guilty of the crime, he replied, “I wrote the check and signed it.”

Prosecutor Luke Furbee, told the court if the case were to go to trial he would show the defendant wrote a series of checks in January on the account of another individual and made them payable to Damien Baker, who in turn allegedly cashed them at Witschey’s. He said he felt he would be able to prove the accusations if the case were to proceed.

Under the conditions of the plea agreement, counts two through 14 of the indictment were dismissed. Carse was then sentenced to one to 10 years in the West Virginia Penitentiary for men with credit for time served.

However, the sentence was suspended and he was placed on one year of supervised probation. He was ordered to make restitution to Witschey’s in the amount of $385.

Karl told Carse to make an appointment to see the probation officer on the second floor of the Wetzel County Courthouse. He must comply with all the rules and regulations of probation and was warned that if he breaks any of the conditions, he will be brought back to court and the original sentence may be imposed.

Steven D. Dulaney, 53, of Petroleum Road, Petroleum, W.Va., appeared in court on July 30, alongside his attorney John Gainer from the public defender corporation. Dulaney is charged in an indictment from the June term of the grand jury with the felony offense of third-offense driving under the influence. The offense is alleged to have occurred on April 13 in Tyler County.

Gainer told Judge Karl he is close to working out a plea agreement with the state and would like a little more time. Karl, passed the case until Aug. 21.

He ordered Dulaney to be back in court at that time and told him to stay in contact with his attorney and his bond was allowed to continue.