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Kendle seeks approval to hire more deputies

By Staff | Jul 16, 2014

Tyler County Sheriff Bob Kendle County approached the Tyler County Commissioners on Thursday to reiterate the fact his office needs more manpower.

Kendle stated Wetzel County has 11 deputies and Tyler has five. He said in his 36 years of service things have changed drastically, saying at least one additional deputy would be beneficial. He asked the commission to approve two deputies, plus a bailiff.

It was mentioned the State Police are almost non-existent in the local area. “The Captain in Shinnston is over the patrols here and we can’t rely on them,” said Kendle.

He added that the workload has increased and it is getting harder to keep up. “With all the regular problems and the growing drug traffic, we need help,” Kendle stated.

Commissioner Eric Vincent mentioned overtime being a problem and Kendle said he will try to reduce it, but he won’t guarantee because it is something which can’t be governed. Vincent questioned if he had a plan, and mentioned three-shift coverage. Kendle said it very well could be three shifts. He said he would have a plan ready for the next meeting.

The commission passed a resolution for a plaque or sign supporting the display of the national motto in the county courthouse commission chambers which would read “In God We Trust”. The resolution was passed unanimously.

Jackson Hayes, assessor, reported to the commissioners on the cost of replacing the security cameras at the magistrate and prosecutor’s office. After checking online, estimates seem to range from $499 to $1,000. But he is still looking into it. He is not sure whether a wireless camera system will interfere with wireless internet.

Commissioners, on a motion from Pork Smith and a second from Eric Vincent, unanimously approved the appointment of Northern Panhandle Workforce Investment Board member Shelly West to the board’s executive committee.

The commissioners forwarded the West Virginia Courthouse Facilities Improvement Grant Application, which has an Oct. 3 deadline, to Tim Meeks of Mid Ohio Valley Regional Council.

The invoice for the 60-foot lift needed to place the air conditioning unit on the roof of the magistrate and prosecutor’s office was received from Bridgeport Equipment. The company would like for the commission to have a line of credit and sent a credit application. The commissioners agreed they were not interested.

Commissioners also tabled an equipment purchase and installation schedule with Frontier for the magistrate and prosecutor’s offices, by unanimous vote. Approval was given for an equipment installation and upgrade from Stratus Wave for Klondike Ridge. The project should improve 911 service for Middlebourne and Sistersville.

The commission unanimously approved an accounting system upgrade from Complete Systems Software Inc. (CSSI). A representative from CSSI demonstrated the system and assured it is still compatible with the current accounting system. Also, training will be provided by CSSI. Cost of the upgrade is $13,628. They also approved the CSSI renewal operating system maintenance contract, at a cost of $5,886.

The commission had two quotes for file cabinets. One was for $1.028.58 from Parkersburg Office Supply and one from Casto and Harris for $585.35. Commissioners agreed to purchase from Casto and Harris.

Smith reported Tom Cooper, director of the Office of Emergency Management, put together a great search and rescue team and went north to Hancock County to help locate a missing youth. The commissioners commended Cooper and his team on a job well done. With the help of their search dog, they were able to locate the body, which is presumed to be that of the missing child. Tom’s team consisted of Tracy White; handler of the two search dogs, Members Allen Underdok, John Paul Jones, and Charlie Cunningham.

Vincent gave a report on the Olive Branch Animal Rescue. He said Linda Henricksen has put together an adoption plan with Olive Branch, Canada, and Pennsylvania. So far Olive Branch has been able to place 94 dogs for adoption with them. The Olive Branch located on Oil Ridge, presently has 290 cats, 17 dogs, eight horses, and four pigs.

Commission President John Stender reported the new blinds for the courthouse have been ordered and were to be shipped that day. Total costs billed was $2,678. He mentioned it is a savings from the original quote.

He also reported the fire at Rebecca Smith’s residence at 300 Wells Hill Road, Friendly, WV, has been declared a total loss. Sheriff Kendle said there is no investigation at this time. Jackson Hayes said the tax ticket for 2013 was taken off for the 2014 tax year due to the fire.

Stender said the county is looking into accepting credit cards in the county for taxes (personal property-real estate). He asked Eric Vincent to check into it and report back to the commission with his recommendations.

Smith said there is a book of all 55 county courthouses available for $25 per copy. He asked the county to purchase five copies, one for each library and three for the school libraries. Unanimous approval was given.

The North Central Regional Jail will have their meeting on July 17. Full jail tours will be provided. Sheriff Kendle is planning on attending. Stender would also like to attend; Kendle will make the reservations.

Hayes presented the exonerations to the commission. They unanimously passed. County Clerk Teresea Hamilton read the fiduciary report, which was approved. Commissioners also approved the payment of bills and meeting was adjourned.

The next regular scheduled meeting of the Tyler County Commission will be held in the commission chambers on July 22 at 9 a.m.