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County Commission will consider storage facility for evidence

By Staff | Jul 2, 2014

Tyler County Prosecutor Luke Furbee approached the Tyler County Commission June 24 about the need for a secure evidence storage facility.

Furbee said at the present time there is no place to store confiscated vehicles such as all-terrain vehicles. Commissioners discussed different location possibilities, with one suggestion being the garage space behind the courthouse. Furbee said it is not something urgent, but it does need to be considered and it should be a place that can be placed under lock and key. President John Stender mentioned finding an area that could be fenced in and secured with barbed wire.

Tom Cooper Director of the Office of Emergency Management mentioned the new parking area by the old school. Stender said it wouldn’t work as it is a partnership between the Board of Education, City of Middlebourne, and the County Commission. Furbee again said it wasn’t urgent, but asked the commission to keep it in mind, it would need to be an area large enough to store seized vehicles. The commissioners all agreed to be looking for space that may be available.

Prosecutor Furbee also brought up his office’s need for a part-time transcriptionist. He said it is very difficult and sometimes labor intensive to take a taped recording and transcribe it. He said he spends a lot of time listening to a recording just to get the information that he needs. The transcriptionist he is in need of would help eliminate the work load on him and would only be hired on an as-needed basis. Commissioners questioned whether there may be some type of technology available that could take the recording and print it out. Furbee said he didn’t know of anything, but something needed to be done to reduce time.

The commissioners agreed to look into it.

The commissioners also agreed to a request from the prosecutor’s office to hire Connie Hickman as a part-time employee with no benefits for a maximum amount of $10,000 per. year. Furbee stated it would benefit his office to have another employee to cover when there is vacation or sick time being used.

OEM Director Cooper reported the generator is still not finished and should be ready soon. He said it will be an asset to the community when finished. In case of an emergency and the power is out, it could even be used to operate the courthouse. He said the deadline is late June, but if it takes longer to finish it, the grant will still be there.

One Source Water Coolers was approved as the new water provider for the courthouse, magistrate, and prosecutor’s office. The commissioners unanimously approved the contract and it became effective as of July 1. After comparing the costs of the other system being used to the new system, it was determined that the costs would be about half to the county and the quality of water would be an improvement.

Commissioners made a new appointment to the Northern Panhandle Workforce Investment Board. They unanimously approved Jeff Knowlton, manager of Aleris in Bens Run, to fill a vacancy on the board. Approval was given to renew the contract with the Community Work Experience Program, with all commissioners in agreement.

Patty Weekley and Sarah Smith, employees at the courthouse, received permission from the commissioners for new blinds for the courthouse windows.

Sheriff Bob Kendle made a request for another officer for the sheriff’s department. He mentioned the epidemic of drugs in the county and the recent 148 indictments of methamphetamine manufacturing. No action was taken at this time.

Commissioners also unanimously approved the in-house budget revisions, the assessor’s office report on exonerations, the county clerk’s fiduciary report, and the minutes of the June 10 meeting.

President Stender gave a report on activity between Kinder Morgan Energy which is partnering with Mark West Energy and a pipeline they are building which will move between 150,000 to 400,000 barrels per day and travel as far as 1,500 miles. He also said there are complaints from residents on Indian Creek about J,B. Oil and Gas and H.G. Energy trucks traveling too fast on Indian Creek Road and also having no pilot cars. The commission advised to draft a letter to these companies to address the concern. The next regular scheduled meeting will be held on July 10 at 9 a.m.